Talk to the beautiful Cosplayer that makes many people miss

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Hiino Yuki is the muse of many boys in the Vietnamese cosplay community. She has in-depth knowledge of anime, manga and games.

The name Hiino Yuki is probably no longer strange to the Vietnamese cosplay community. That is the stage name of the girl with an innocent face and hot body – Anh Thi. Although she has only entered the “makeup” village since 2019, she is very knowledgeable about the world of anime, manga and game characters.


With a background as a gamer, and a ‘loyal’ fan of famous anime and manga series, Anh Thi can ‘transform’ into many characters with different personalities. However, the sexy Ero style that burns the eyes is the image that Anh Thi wants to build and leave a mark in the hearts of the audience.

Talk to the beautiful Vietnamese Cosplayer who has made many people miss 3
Talk to the beautiful Vietnamese Cosplayer who has made many people miss her 4

Here is a short conversation with this cute girl:

MC: Hi Anh Thi, can you introduce yourself a little bit?

Yuki: Hi everyone, my name is Thi. Minh was born in 99 and his stage name is Hiino Yuki. Currently living and working mainly in Saigon.

MC: I see Thi as a coser who always pursues a sexy and seductive style and this image has also received the support of many viewers. I don’t know, how do you feel knowing that there are so many fans who love you so much?

Yuki: First of all, I want to thank you so much! This is really my great honor and luck. Because, my starting point is not a coser, I’m just an ordinary gamer. The opportunity was introduced by friends and people to enter the cosplay world. What’s even more amazing is that the characters that I embody are very popular with the audience. The support of fans is the biggest motivation to be able to continue on this path.

MC: Since when did Anh Thi start with cosplay? And what is the milestone for you to decide to get serious about this job?

Yuki: I started cosplaying at the end of 2019, at that time I used to go to fes. These characters are usually quite popular and well-liked. Since then I have received a lot of positive feedback and decided to become a professional cosplayer. Currently I am an Ero Cosplayer.

MC: What difficulties do you often face in your work? And how do you deal with it?

Yuki: At first, because I didn’t get too much support, I had to work part-time to be able to buy accessories and clothes. Like many young people just starting out, we will give priority to choosing characters that are loved by many people.

Later, when I had a stable following, I invested in my personal image more, took makeup, makeup and even photoshop courses. My current boss is also humble about these jobs. When things started to settle down, I was also determined to improve myself so I could go even deeper.

The first time is always the hardest. Because I have to invest a lot of time, effort and money into it, but I can’t get immediate results. However, in the end, I was still able to overcome it all.

MC: So, is cosplaying as sexy characters with bold cut-out outfits your favorite style?

Yuki: Actually, I really love the characters that I cos. It’s because I love it that I can learn and study everything about it. From expressions, costumes, make-up, poses. It can be said that in order to transform into a certain character, I myself must have some parts similar to that character. Thus, when acting, the character will look more soulful and real.

MC: Ero characters are usually quite “sensitive” to viewers. Which will probably get you into a lot of trouble with fanatical fans. So, have you encountered any awkward situations?

Yuki: I was harassed by texting and calling. Even some people have very rude words and actions. This made me very tired and stressed.

MC: How did you handle such times?

Yuki: Indeed, not everyone can be calm enough in those situations. I usually block and delete the number of harassers. However, there were times when I wanted to sue them for bothering me too much. However, it is quick because so far, everything is still under control.

MC: Last question, so what are your motivations and upcoming goals for this year?

Yuki: Currently, my motivation and goal is to have a stable economy so that I can cover my life and buy whatever I want.

MC: Thank you Anh Thi for taking your precious time to participate in this interview today. Hope you achieve your goal soon!

Yuki: (Laughs) Thank you!

With these very sincere and rustic sharing, do you find our girl very lovely?

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