X3: Albion Prelude [RePack] – PC Game

X3: Albion Prelude Developer: Egosoft Publisher: Egosoft Genre: Simulation Release Date: December 15, 2011 (US) About X3 Albion Prelude Bridging the gap between the old and the new universe of the X game series, X³: Albion Prelude shows a universe in flux, and prepares players for things to come. The old X Universe is passing;

Victoria II: A House Divided (Expansion)

Victoria II: A House Divided Developer: Paradox Development Studio Publisher: Paradox Interactive Genre: Simulation, Strategy Release Date: Feb 02, 2012 About Victoria II: A House Divided The first expansion to Victoria 2 focuses on American Civil War era and enhances the political and economical aspects of the game. Carefully guide your nation from the era

DogFighter – PC Game

DogFighter Developer: Dark Water Studios Publisher: Dark Water Studios Genre: Flight, Action Release Date: June 14, 2010 (US) About DogFighter Dogfighter is a fast paced, arcade aerial combat game with arena style gameplay values. Players can do battle in single player, or compete against up to 7 players in multiplayer game modes, using beefed up

Driv3r – Full PC Game

Driv3r Publisher: Atari Developer: Reflections Release Date: March 22, 2005 Genre: Racing Action About Driv3r Perhaps the best way to look at DRIV3R is by calling it what it is: a videogame take on a Hollywood car chase. Driver has always been about great car chases, superb physics and car crashes, and the third in

Tom Clancy's HAWX

Tom Clancy’s HAWX Developer: Ubisoft Romania Publisher: Ubisoft Genre: Flight Action Release Date: March 17, 2009 (US) About Tom Clancy’s HAWX Set in conceived version of the future inspired by the best-selling Tom Clancy videogame franchises, this flight combat action game imagines a world where a private military force has cumulated such power that it

Battlestations: Midway

Battlestations: Midway Developer: Eidos Interactive Publisher: Eidos Interactive SCi Entertainment Group Genre: Action Simulation Release Date: January 30, 2007 (US) About Battlestations: Midway Battlestations: Midway blends intense 3rd-person action with epic, large-scale naval combat and brings to life the great Pacific battles of World War II. From the chaos of Pearl Harbor, through the Philippines,