10 Tips for building quality Backlink in SEO Website

For SEO, it must be said that Onpage or Offpage are equally important, but for me, Onpage is not too difficult. So the Offpage factor must say that the new and used SEOs are also quite difficult in selecting the link source … The following 10 SEO tips can help you build a quality backlink system

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Instructions for creating SEO standard articles for customers

1. Title: a. Our length is about 50 – 80 characters. b. Write very skillfully, ensure both contain keywords and make sense and it is best to use keywords to start the title. 2. Keywords: a. Keyword density: For one article, the main keyword should repeat about 4-6% and the keyword should appear in the first 100 words. That

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Identify the Google score influence factors PageSpeed ​​Insights

As you all know, Google PageSpeed ​​is a website quality assessment tool by what standards Google researches and promulgates introduced in Google PageSpeed article . With this article, we will introduce important factors affecting our Website’s PageSpeed ​​score. A. Speed ​​Rules 1. Server response time (Server Response Time) We can understand that this is the time the Server sends