10 Instagram marketing support tools help grow your brand in 2019

One thing that has remained stable over the past few years is the potential of  Instagram  to bring your  brand  – both individuals and companies – directly into your specific target market. It is the social media platform that experiences the fastest growth in Mill Years demographics and its monthly user activity is  expected to exceed 111 million  this year. My company

What is Google Shopping? And how to create ads?

New Google Shopping ads were launched in Vietnam in the last quarter of 2018. This type of advertising is being evaluated to bring about good performance at a more economical cost than  regular Google Adwords advertising  . Besides, because it is still quite new, there are not many runners, so the level of competition is still low, this is an opportunity for

Starting a business and online business on facebook 2019

Sales,  starting a business on Facebook  is one of the issues that are currently of interest. If not, it has become a trend of young entrepreneurs. Facebook is the world’s largest social network with nearly endless resources for business. The number of Facebook users in Vietnam is extremely large. So it can be said that Facebook is a fertile land for

What is Email marketing? Why should Email Marketing be used?

The term Email Marketing is mentioned a lot in the fields of human business, somewhere we still often encounter but sometimes ignore, at some point, you will suddenly realize, Email Marketing is indispensable. For you, and when you are reading this article, you are in need of Email Marketing, right? So what is Email Marketing? Why should