How to turn on Night Mode for Twitter

If you don’t want to get tired of using Twitter at night, activate Twitter’s Night Mode night mode. Twitter has started to turn off the light, dim mode on both phones and computers. You only need to do a few small steps to enable this feature. When turned on, the screen will turn to black, suitable for

How to color video on iPhone without application

To edit videos on iPhone , in addition to installing additional video editing applications on iPhone , users can use the device’s video editor right away. On the iPhone / iPad there is an option to edit basic videos, cut videos with a simple way. And in iOS 13, the video editor has been provided with a color filter, creating more

How to connect 2 AirPods to iPhone to share music

iOS 13 launches the technology world with many useful features for users. For example, with iOS 13 users can connect 2 AirPods to iPhone to share music, which previous iOS versions have not yet done. Users can use the iPad or iPhone, then pair and listen to audio on two different sets of AirPods. When

How to transfer files from PC to iPhone with SendHub

To transfer files from computer to iPhone now does not need to cable or iTunes, when there have been many applications that support data transfer together with many useful features. Most to send files from a computer, users have to install software on the computer, but for SendHub, the conversion method is much simpler. Users