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Despite being ranked among the countries with the fewest obese people in the world, a significant percentage of the Japanese population is trying to lose weight.

The special secret behind the slim body of the Japanese - Photo 2.

And one of the secrets that is being talked about by many people in Japan is a dish called Numa. Although the presentation is not eye-catching, the brown, gelatinous dish called “numa” is helping Japanese people lose weight while satisfying their hunger.

After many people shared, numawhich means “swamp” in Japanese, is becoming popular on social networks, according to SCMP. This chicken and vegetable stew was created by Yuki Azami, a 35-year-old bodybuilder and certified chef. “I want people to enjoy eating and to be able to lose weight slowly,” he shared.

The special secret behind the slim body of the Japanese - Photo 1.

Yuki Azami, a bodybuilder, created a convenient Numa diet porridge. Photo: @musclegrill.

Contrary to the appearance, Numa has a sweet Umami taste, and especially has the ability to slim the waist, help lose weight, but still make the eater feel satisfied because it does not experience the hunger pangs like when applying pressure. use a variety of other diets.

The 5 main ingredients of “numa” include rice, chicken breast, okra, dried seaweed and dried shiitake mushrooms. The cooking process is also very simple, people just need to put all the ingredients into the rice cooker with a large amount of water, add a little salt, curry spices and then press the cook button and wait for the finished product.

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The special secret behind the slim body of the Japanese - Photo 2.

Numa contains the important nutrients protein, fat and carbohydrates. Azami, who previously worked in a hospital kitchen, says the dish is “for people who like to eat a lot, or cook badly, or have difficulty sticking to their diets.”

The special secret behind the slim body of the Japanese - Photo 3.

Dishes can be prepared with a rice cooker. (Photo: @musclegrill)

The effect of the “swamp dish” is obvious. A male office worker in his 20s living in Tokyo started the “swamp porridge” diet in February. He wants to lose the kilos he has gained after a period of stopping the diet.

The diet dish “Numa” is making waves on Japanese social networks. Photo: Kyodo

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This person said it is not necessary to completely change the diet, just replacing one meal a day with brown porridge is enough to see the difference. Thanks to that, he lost 6 kg in 2 months.

However, nutritionists still warn that only eating porridge for a long time can cause imbalances in the diet, such as iron and calcium deficiency. In addition, considering numa as the sole source of protein is a dietary mistake. Ideally, make numa to eat after training and combine with normal nutrition.

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