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Honda CBR1000F based on the advantages of small size and light weight, the engine has been changed to a fully enhanced HONDA K24 version with a turbo and maximum horsepower exceeding the 1,000 horsepower mark.

Super awesome Honda CBR1000F equipped with K24 Turbo engine

Super terrible Honda CBR1000F equipped with K24 Turbo engine.
​The replacement of the engine of a car model HONDA K24 with the same 4-cylinder + 16-valve water-cooled design, which makes the body weight significantly heavier, overall expansion of intake and exhaust, increased fuel supply and a large turbo outside, along an intake air cooler has been added.

After the ECU was customized to make the maximum horsepower reach 1,000 hp, that is definitely the mythical level of a 2-wheel motorcycle. With such a change in power, the body is also adjusted to the rear handlebars, which is also significantly longer and the wheelbase is greatly increased, which helps to increase stability when running at high speed.

This custom CBR1000F is definitely a super crazy version of the 2-wheeler motorcycle world.


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