Detoxherb insecticide

Price: 790,000 VND

About product quality

9.5 / 10

Effective to bring

9.0 / 10

The credibility of the brand

9.8 / 10


  • Ingredients entirely from natural herbs
  • Bring efficiency to users
  • Kill parasites effectively
  • Helps prevent and eliminate parasites from entering the body
  • Promote health, body resistance


  • Slow effect
  • People with high blood pressure should consult their doctor about how to use it
  • The price is quite high

Is the truth about Detoxherb a good parasite killer? Where do you buy it? How much?

According to statistics of the World Health Organization WHO, up to 850,000 people die each year from parasitic diseases.

The most common parasites in the body are worms, tapeworms, lice or fleas. They will live off parasites into our bodies and release toxins into us.

Understand the dangers posed by parasites. Today, Duy Dam Blog will share knowledge about parasites and how to prevent disease.

What is a parasite?

Parasites are animals that specialize on the host's body to absorb nutrients and grow.

Parasites can live on the skin, or multiply and grow in the intestines, stomach, organs in the host.

Characteristics: Parasites are tiny animals, they cling to the host and proliferate.

They absorb nutrition and transmit toxins, diseases to the host. For humans, the parasite can cause many dangerous diseases.

Where does the parasite come from: They parasitize many kinds of animals such as fish, pigs, cows … When processed and handled carefully will enter the human body and cause illness.

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Should see:

Common types of parasites:

  • Roundworm, hair worm, hookworm, pinworm:

These are dangerous parasites that can cause a lot of infections related to infections.

They are mainly spread by eating, touching and carrying objects containing larvae of worms. Body hygiene is not guaranteed.

They are found in animals such as dogs and cats. When exposed, these worms attach and spread to the human body.

They parasitize inside the intestines, under the skin and in the eyeballs.

When processing or cooking unripe fish, the larvae of fish flukes are very easy to penetrate into the human body. When growing they can grow up to 9cm long and live up to 25 years.

Types of diseases caused by parasites

With a large number of parasites centered on the body, they can cause many different diseases. The following diseases are often very dangerous and common.

Tapeworms are dangerous parasitic animals. When a person produces many cancer cells. Tapeworms can eat them and send these cancer cells throughout the body. Making cancer progress faster and more dangerous.

  • Parasites in the brain cause memory loss, physical weakness, brain damage

In the early stages of developing parasites, the reproduction of the patient will not be clearly felt. But there will be many manifestations of dizziness, stress, fatigue.

In the final stage, the parasite takes up the brain, causing the brain to become paralyzed, brain debris and leading to death.

In addition, there are some diseases such as: The liver is infected, the heart is infected with parasites, the bile is infected with helminths. These diseases are not treated promptly and will lead to many diseases of the digestive tract. Often abdominal pain, indigestion, hepatitis, cirrhosis …

See the dangers posed by parasites. Medical experts have discovered and invented many medicines and functional foods to help kill these parasites.

One of the products that many people like and choose is: Detoxherb. A type of functional food that destroys the parasites in the human body.


Detoxherb is a functional food produced in Vietnam. It is used in killing parasites in the human body.

Detoxherb is made by Dac Tin Cosmetics Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., address: 8, đường 100, Tân Phú ward, Quận 9, tp. Ho Chi Minh production.

Products are directly distributed by KIWI Econect Co., Ltd.

Detoxherb is researched and selected from rare natural herbs so it is safe for users. There are no side effects.

In addition to destroying parasites Detoxherb It also works to promote health and protects the liver, heart, lungs, stomach and skin from parasites.

Users can safely use. Because the Detoxherb Manufactured according to international standards, on modern lines should ensure safety for users.

Ingredients that make up the Detoxherb insecticide Detoxherb insecticide

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In plants, Thi contains A molecules to kill parasites at each stage of their development. It also helps to remove parasites from the body.

Ginkgo biloba extract G-extract has been found to help reduce inflammation and heal wounds caused by parasites.

Besides, G molecule also helps to repair damaged tissue.

With the F molecule in Dinh Huong tree, it enhances intestinal microflora. Create a good environment against the formation of parasites in the digestive system and other organs.

Use of Detoxherb to kill parasites

Great uses Detoxherb for us you might know as:

  • Kill parasites in every stage of development
  • Eliminates parasites from the body effectively
  • Enhances anti-inflammatory, heals wounds caused by parasites
  • Increasing resistance in the body, helping to fight all intrusions of bacteria
  • Restoring the beneficial generation system in the intestinal tract
  • Help the digestive system work well, thereby eating well, sleeping well
  • Help the body regain youthfulness and dynamism. Skin, hair become more beautiful.

With the great uses as above, this is a good product to protect your health.

Is Detoxherb a good parasite killer?

Researchers at Detox herb have tested the product on 1,000 volunteers. These volunteers suffer from diseases caused by parasites.

The results are published as follows:

  • 100% of users remove helminths and eggs.
  • 90% normalizes pancreatic activity.
  • 90% eliminates allergy problems.
  • 100% of users eliminate gastric ulcer symptoms and diarrhea.

With such aforementioned data, we can evaluate the excellent quality of the product.

In addition, the feedback of customers who have used the product below helps us to be more secure when using the product.

Ms. Ngoc Khanh 37 years old shared about the product:

Ms. Thuy Ly in Vung Tau assessed:


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How to use Detox herb effectively

Target users: For all ages

  • Children under 6 years of age, take 1 box of treatment, 1 tablet daily. After breakfast.
  • Children from 6 to under 18 years of age use 2-pack procedure. Take 2 capsules daily in the morning and after dinner.
  • Adults use a 3-box course. Take 2 capsules daily in the morning and after dinner.

Where should I buy Detoxherb? How much is it? green Blue underneath.



Above is the review article Is Detoxherb a good parasite killer? Where do you buy it? How much?

With the results published, this is a good product to help eliminate all parasites in the body. Thereby giving users a good health, healthy and longer life.

Do you have any questions want to be answered about the product. Please leave a message below the comment box I will respond promptly.

Good luck!


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