Structure of ABB IRB 120 . robot

ABB IRB 120 . robot structure

In this article, we will learn the structure of . robot ABB IRB 120.

Introduction of ABB IRB 120 . robot

The IRB 120 is the smallest robot next to the 4th version of robotics technology and the smallest robot ever produced. Ideal for material handling and assembly applications. The robot IRB120 offers agile, compact and light-weight solutions with state-of-the-art controllability and absolute precision.


  • IRB version 120-3/0.6
  • Up to 580mm
  • Loading capacity 3kg
  • Hand load capacity 0.3kg


  • Built-in signal supply: 10 signals on the wrist
  • Built-in Air Supply: 4 air cuffs on the wrist (5bar).
  • 0.01mm position repeatability.
  • Install the robot: at any angle.
  • Protection level: IP30.
  • Controller : IRC 5 Compact / Single IRC 5 cabinet or Panel mounting.

Structure of ABB IRB 120 . robot

1. Robot’s engine

A 6-axis robot with a load capacity of up to 3kg (4kg with the wrist bent) and a reach of 580mm, this robot can perform a variety of activities more flexibly than stationary automation solutions. The IRB120 is a system that is perfectly built to be designed for cost-effective applications – especially with minimal space usage.

The robot includes 6 motors to control the robot’s 6 axes, the motor here is the AC servo that is arranged in the robot’s body:

2. Robot’s movement mechanism

Including rotating arms, controlling the robot to rotate in different directions depending on the operating range of each axis.

3. Robot operating range


Operation: 1kg . pick up cycle

  • 25x300x25mm : 0.58s
  • Maximum TCP speed: 6.2m/s
  • Maximum TCP acceleration: 28m/s
  • Acceleration time 0-1m/s: 0.07s

Physical properties

  • Robot base size: 180 x 180 mm
  • Robot height: 700 mm
  • Weight: 25kg

Working range at wrist center and model

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