Strike Brings Bitcoin Lightning Network to Argentina

Popular digital wallet built on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network – Strike – has announced its launch in Argentina. As a result, the company aims to deliver a “superior financial experience” to a country facing high levels of inflation and other currency problems.

Strike .’s Latin American Expansion

Jack Mallers – Founder and CEO of Strike – confirmed the news in a recent tweet. He thinks bitcoin can “give hope to the people of Argentina.” Despite being the third largest economy in Latin America, the country has struggled with high inflation for many years.

According to a declare Separately, the CEO ranked the South American country as one of the “most exciting countries to build a Bitcoin economy in.” The launch of Strike will allow Argentinians to hold “stable cash balances that are instantly spendable and with no fees,” he stated. Mallers also describes the Bitcoin network as a preeminent monetary system that offers “fundamental human freedoms.”

Strike is currently working with businesses and individuals in Argentina. The company has launched initial services to residents of the southern city of San Martin de Los Andes, located in Patagonia. Strike has also quadrupled its staff in the region.

The startup is committed to continuing to expand to more countries in South America, such as Brazil and Colombia, throughout 2022.

Mallers concluded:

Bitcoin is the first and only network of money in human history that works everywhere and is open to everyone. It operates equally in New York, San Salvador and Buenos Aires. We will continue to expand throughout Latin America and globally until everyone has reliable access to the world’s best currency network.

Strike played an important role in El Salvador

The company launched its mobile payments app in El Salvador last March, six months before the country officially accepted BTC as legal currency within its borders. At the time, Mallers described the move as a “heard shot” around the world for bitcoin.

The CEO also stated that the development will unleash the potential of the flagship cryptocurrency for everyday use cases on “an open network that benefits individuals, businesses, and services.” public area”.


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