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A year ago, in September 2016, CEO Tim Prepare dinner introduced to users a new product of Apple’s phone called iPhone 7 plus. And throughout since then, this super product has continuously been in the top of the list of most sold smartphones in the world.

Steps to check when buying iPhone 7 Plus International

The charm of the iPhone 7 Plus has led to a “wave” of enthusiasm around the world. Accordingly, the number of fans flocking to brand-name phone contacts to “hunt” the iPhone 7 Plus is also constantly increasing. And of course, following the laws of movement and development of the world, this super product has also appeared in Vietnam and created a big “fever” for domestic technical “believers”. After a year of entering the market where the land is S-shaped, iPhone 7 Plus has become more and more attractive to users and won the hearts of many customers.

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However, a worry for people buy iPhone 7 Plus Now that is whether they can buy an international product or not? Or have they been “tricked” by unscrupulous contacts to deliver “fake” goods and then pretend to be branded goods? But now that is no longer a problem as we will show buyers how to solve it shortly.

There are many methods that can be used to identify the iPhone 7 Plus that we own is international or portable, branded or non-branded. However, within the scope of the article, we will introduce to buyers 4 simple ways as follows:

Check IMEI number

IMEI stands for Worldwide Cell Tools Id (roughly translated as International Mobile Equipment Identifier), which is a sequence of 15 numbers and is unique on each phone, which means no two phones will have the same number. IMEI together. Therefore, to be able to determine the brand name of the iPhone 7 Plus that you are holding in your hand, checking the IMEI number is the best option.

First, you see the IMEI number of the device by going to Settings> General> About> View IMEI line (IMEI number will own 15 numbers). You can then take the next step in one of two ways:

Method 1: Go to’s internet page and enter the number IMEI with Code Code.

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– The first line tells us this IMEI owned on Apple’s system (ie machine information).

– The first green dot indicates Apple’s branded device and is supported on the product anytime the user needs it (the device has been Lively).

The second row is Apple’s first 3-month technical support call period.

– The last line is the 1-year warranty period of the machine, counting from the date of Lively the machine.

And if your device still ensures the above parameters, then owning it means we are holding a branded iPhone 7 Plus already.

Method 2: Access to internet

If the bottom has the words Unlock this iPhone then the product you are holding is an international product. And if the internet page shows the words Unlock this iPhone from … then owning means you are holding Poor quality goods.

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Find information in Settings

This is much simpler to do. You just need to go to Settings (Settings) > General (Common) > About (About) > Model (Mannequin). If your iPhone 7, 7 Plus model has the last code VN/A as shown below, your iPhone device is international. As for the types you own code other than VN/A such as J/A, LL/A, ZP/A…. are all imported goods.

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Authenticate through App Retailer

The most obvious difference today between the real and fake iPhone 7 Plus that we can identify is through the AppStore on iPhone device. If your iPhone 7 Plus clicks to find the AppStore but it turns into an Android CH Play application, then this device is definitely not an international product.

Check Facetime function

Similar to the way above, if you use the Facetime function (which is installed very separately for Apple) but there is a third application such as Skype, Zalo, etc., then you are sure to have a fake product. there.

So, just perform one of the above steps, you will quickly know if the iPhone 7 Plus you are holding is a “genuine” or a “fake” product. Those will definitely be the “memorable equations” that you need to record in order to be able to check the brand of the phone as quickly as possible. However, there is still an even more convenient way for you to not have to do as many “hard” steps as above. That is, find the branded iPhone 7 Plus products that are being sold at a very favorable price at 24hStore.

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24hStore – The place to provide high quality iPhone 7 Plus with the most favorable price

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of trading in branded technical equipment in Vietnam, 24hStore is confident to bring users the best quality products with the most favorable prices and the best style. most dedicated service. When you come to us, you will immediately experience the best products, attractive after-sales policies, lots of great services and special gifts.

And now the international iPhone 7 Plus is being sold at a very attractive price at 24hStore. If you are still worried about not having enough “rice”? 24hStore will help you by offering a very attractive installment service. In addition, when shopping at 24hStore, you will immediately receive attractive gifts and special services only available at 24hStore. As follows:

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– Receive attractive promotional gifts immediately.

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– Free shipping nationwide.

Guaranteed with these great deals and the reputation of a well-known brand throughout the market, you will not have to worry about the quality of products at 24hStore. Experience it with us now!

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