Ever since its 2016 launch, Stardew Valley has continued to entrance players with its compelling gameplay and intriguing world. Pelican Town is packed with activities for players to complete, which have only expanded over the years. Fishing is one of the most important features of Stardew Valley, allowing players to level up their skills and catch all manner of aquatic creatures.

While there are plenty of common fish to find in Stardew Valley‘s many ponds and rivers, there are also quite a few rare ones that can only be caught in certain conditions. The Catfish isn’t the hardest fish to catch in Stardew Valley, but it can be tricky for new players to work out when it’ll appear.


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Updated May 13th, 2022 by Russ Boswell: Stardew Valley will continue to captivate gamers until Concerned Ape’s next release, Haunted Chocolatier, finally releases to anxious fans. But even with a new adventure on the horizon, players will likely still find a reason to rejoin the world of Stardew Valley to check on their NPC relationships and tend to their crops long after Haunted Chocolatier has made its debut. It’s very likely that new players will also make their way to the relaxing adventure. Those that want to try fishing for the first time, or want to be a fisher during their first playthrough, will want to know how to snag Catfish. To better answer how to find and catch Catfish in Stardew Valley, the following guide has been updated with more information.

Where to Catch Catfish in Stardew Valley

The world of Stardew Valley is defined by its seasons, and players will often find themselves doing very different activities in Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Because of this, certain fish are only available in certain seasons. Catfish can only be caught in Pelican Town’s River, the Riverlands Farm, or Hill-top Farm in Spring and Fall. They can also be found in Summer, but only in the Secret Woods and Witch’s Swamp.

Unfortunately, fishing in Stardew Valley is not just about the seasons, but also the weather. Players will only be able to encounter the Catfish in the above locations on rainy days, meaning it’s essential to keep a close eye on the forecast. It’s technically possible to catch the Catfish in Winter too, but only if a Rain Totem is used to change the weather.

How to Catch Catfish in Stardew Valley

Once players have located Catfish in Stardew Valley, the next task is to actually catch one. All the fish in Stardew Valley have a hidden difficulty rating, which dictates how quickly they move and how hard it is to keep them in the sweet spot of the fishing minigame. The Catfish has an above-average difficulty rating but uses the basic movement pattern instead of darting, floating, or sinking like some trickier fish.

To maximize their chances of catching a Catfish, players should make sure to level up Stardew Valley‘s fishing skill on simpler catches first. On top of this, the right Bait and Tackle can be essential for making fishing easier. Although the top-tier Iridium Rod is the only one that can use Tackle, items like the Trap Bobber, Cork Bobber, and Barbed Hook will allow players to easily reel in their first Catfish.

What Are Catfish Used For In Stardew Valley?

Although there are many fish in Stardew Valley that players will need to catch to satisfy quest conditions, Catfish actually have quite a few uses. They’re required for the River Fish Bundle found in the Fish Tank. Offering up a Catfish, along with a Sunfish, Shad, and Tiger Trout will reward players with 30 Bait. Past that, they’re used in three separate recipes. Players can use catfish to make the following consumables:

Maki Roll

The Maki Roll isn’t exclusive to Catfish but it can be used as a resource. By combining 1 x of any fish, 1 x Seaweed, and 1 x Rice, players can craft this item that cures 45 Health and 100 Energy. The recipe can be found by watching the Queen of Sauce in the First Year, 21st of Summer. Or players can purchase it from the Stardrop Saloon for 300g.


Sashimi is one of the easiest recipes to make in Stardew Valley and can be very useful for players that are looking for a quick refresh on their Health and Energy. It only takes 1 x of any fish to create and it will refill 33 Health and 75 Energy. Players that want to make Sashimi will need to build their relationship with Linus, who will send them the recipe in the mail after they reach 3+ hearts with him.

Catfish (or any fish) can also be used to make Quality Fertilizer. This item will increase a players chances to grow better crops and will also improve soil quality. It can be mixed together with 1 x of any Fish and 2 x Sap. Players will need to be Level 9 Farming to learn the recipe.

Players that are looking for something more fashionable to wear can craft a Fish Shirt by taking a Catfish and inserting it into the spool of the Sewing Machine. The shirt features a cute pixelated fish design and is dyeable for those that want a different color. Catfish can also be broken down to produce Roe, which is used to make Aged Roe and Caviar, an Artisan Good that can sell for a pretty penny.

Although many NPC are Neutral toward Catfish or downright Dislike it, there is one NPC that loves it. Players can gift Willy a Catfish to help increase their standing with him. Players can also sell Catfish for a pretty penny, especially if they have the Angler perk. Basic Catfish with the Angler perk will sell for 300g each, while those that are Iridium Star Quality will sell for 600g. Catfish will reward a player with between 28 – 40 Fishing EXP depending on the quality caught.

Stardew Valley was released on February 26, 2016, and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

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