Starbots (BOT) just closed the private round with 2.4 million USD

Starbots has just closed a private round with $2.4 million and many veteran investors before the official game release. In which, Impossible Finance, DeFi Alliance and TomoChain have risen to the top of the funding round.

The past time has been really busy days for Starbots, the project team has worked day and night to choose the most suitable and reliable names to cooperate and accompany on this challenging journey. challenge ahead.

Today, they are pleased to announce that the project has officially closed a private round with a series of leading investors and partners in the field of cryptocurrency.

Some reputable names include: Impossible Finance, Defi Alliance, Solar Eco Fund, Parsiq, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, TomoChain, Good Game Guild, Real Deal Guild, Gamee Studio, LuaVentures, Kyber Network, Solscan, Kyros Ventures , BigCoin Capital, TK Ventures, Exnetwork Capital, Hub Capital, AU21 Capital, Basics Capital, Formless Capital, Quadhorn Guild and Real Deal Guild.

Among the many potential investors that Starbots discussed the opportunity to partner with, the partners that Starbots announced above really stand out through their insightful recommendations that help strengthen the expansion of the ecosystem. , the ability to plan and execute marketing and branding strategies as well as convincing connections in the crypto industry.

Starbots hopes these strategic partnerships will turn these efforts into historic milestones and great achievements in the near future.

About Starbots

StarBots is the first NFT Game to fight Robots on Solana, where players earn GEAR Tokens through assembling their own Robots, participating in fiery and dramatic battles, completing quests and conquering regions. new land.

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