Square Enix Sale May Be Setting Up ‘Final Fantasy 16,’ Part Of Its 35th Anniversary Release: Trailer?

Square Enix is ​​undergoing a massive change in their company, but that’s not bad news for them. Their deal is now reportedly giving way to the development of a new game, something the company has yet to reveal to the public or bring explicit details about its offerings. Speculation says that it is with the title of “Final Fantasy XVI”, coming for its 35th anniversary.

Square Enix sale brings development for ‘Final Fantasy’ franchise

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tweets from dave gibson sheds light on internal events at Square Enix, and focuses on the upcoming focus of the gaming company that recently underwent significant changes. The company is giving up some of its studios, but will use its funds to focus on a game near and dear to the public.

A “Final Fantasy” title is paying off amid everything that has happened in the company. Instead of cowering or going unnoticed, Square Enix ramps up its developments to focus on its 35th anniversary release.

It is an important time for them to release “Final Fantasy XVI”, as fans are already looking forward to the sequel title, and it joins the company in its new direction.

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‘Final Fantasy XVI’ is coming, will the trailer be released soon?

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Gibson said that Square Enix is ​​focusing on new titles, but there will be a “big franchise” that will receive most of what it made selling the rights to Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal. The $300 million budget will have a massive allocation for “Final Fantasy,” with the title focusing on a trailer release soon.

The source claimed that there is already a trailer but awaits the public release.

‘Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary, Square

Square Enix is ​​a massive game company that brought many offered titles for the public to see, and their different games get a wide range of what they can offer as a developer. The company recently struck a deal with Embracer Group and sold the studios and rights to the game, including some of its AAA-rated productions.

Included in this deal are Eidos Montreal and “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy”, Crystal Dynamics and “Marvel’s Avengers”, “Tomb Raider” and more.

The deal is not yet complete, but he intends to go ahead with his plans.

The company will now focus on its leading franchises in the lineup, with “Final Fantasy” as one of its top titles in its current development. One of the many famous releases it had was “Final Fantasy XIV,” which recently got an expansion pack that will skirt around the “Endwalker” approach.

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“Final Fantasy” turns 35 this year, and the game, which was first released in 1987, is one of the top game franchises in Japan and the world that provides an action RPG experience for everyone. Fans are already waiting for its next release, with the title of “Final Fantasy XVI”; Speculations claim that it will hit the public soon, joining its important milestone.

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