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Currently, quite a lot of consumers ask the question “Forgot iCloud password what to do” on technical forums in general and discussion boards specializing in iOS in particular. In a recent post Apple Middle I have implemented the steps to recover iCoud password as well as thoroughly answered the question “Forgot my iCloud password” mentioned in the tutorial I will leave below the article. For many people, signing up for iCloud is still difficult, with this guide, we hope to help users create an iCloud account simply and easier than you can do on mobile devices or do it on PC. , your laptop computer. In the previous article, we guide users how to register iCloud on the Internet, the content below Apple Middle tells readers how to register iCloud on iPhone. What is iCloud account? iCloud is a free cloud service package developed by Apple to help consumers when using its products can sync personal data from iPhone, iPad, iPod contact, MacOS and computer devices. those multipliers. It’s similar to Google’s Google Drive or Microsoft’s One Drive…


Sign up for iCloud You can briefly understand that, when signing up for iCloud, creating an Apple iCloud account helps you to store data such as contacts, music, photos, notes… iCloud account also allows you to sync bookmarks Safari’s feature keeps iOS and computer side-by-side so you can locate your device anywhere with an internet connection… in the early days Apple didn’t allow us to use Gmail to sign up but nowadays consumers You can sign up for iCloud with your Gmail. INSTRUCTIONS FOR REGISTRATION, CREATE iCLOUD ACCOUNT ON IPHONE IPAD, and computer Method 1: Sign up for an iCloud account on Safari. Step 1: From the Safari internet browser, users access the internet page that supports iCloud account registration here. Step 2: Here the user enters most of the information according to the fields that Apple requires including electronic mail, password, date of birth … as shown below. In case if you do not have an email, you can refer to how to register a Gmail account guided by Apple Middle here: instructions to register for a gmail account Note that each electronic mail account can only be used for 1 icloud account (apple id) if the gmail account has been used to create an apple id before, you will not be able to use that electronic mail and must create a gmail. new.

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Note: Password must meet ALL REQUIREMENTS that are characters – 1 Letter capitals WITH numbers and 8 or more characters. – There are no words or numbers in the password that match the iCloud or E-mail name (For example, [email protected] , Password not used is NGuyen1990, etc., You can use your husband’s Gmail name but mk get the wife’s name, or vice versa, this is just a suggestion! + Update 2021: The security question section does not appear when creating apple ID anymore. should make ID easier ! Step 2 Security question : ignored !

Step 3: The system confirms and will send you a 6-digit code to the email you just registered. Access your email account to check and get that code.

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Step 4: You use the code you just received to enter the registration interface that Apple needs to verify and then click Next.

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Your iCloud account interface appears, here you can optionally change your password, check the devices you are using, update your account information, etc.

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Next step you enter APPLE STORE and log in download 1 app -> REVIEW ( Write the content of the shopping address ) Skip the zipcode Regarding the calculation of the visa entry book, you can find out if you do not have a card and if you want to use the visa card to calculate the application, the next steps are quite easy, basically done.

Note: For iOS 7 and above iCloud account will be very important. If you forget your password it will be very dangerous. You will not be able to Lively the device when restoring or running software for the device. Because it is important, you should not give this account to anyone and only use it for you. 1. Error “Maximum number of accounts has been activated on this iPhone” – Cause: Each iPhone when unboxing is only given Credit score by Apple to activate 3 different iCloud accounts, iPhones that have been activated by 3 iCloud accounts before if you log in will error “Maximum number of accounts has been activated on this iPhone/iPad”. – How to fix: To fix the error on the user who uses the newly created account but fails to log in on your device to another device (the device still has the number of iCloud activations), then use the account again That’s it, log back in to the machine that just reported the error. 2. Error “Device is not eligible to create iCloud” – Cause: Your iPhone/iPad device has run out of times to register to create an iCloud account. How to fix: Exit iCloud Account Settings > Genneral > Reset All Settings. If the above method does not work, you must use another iPhone/iPad device to create and activate through that device and then log in on your device. 3. “Account not verified” error – How to fix: Buy forgot password and enter a new email so that Apple can send you the activation code again. After receiving the activation email, you can log in normally. After creating an icloud account, during use, if you have forgotten your password, try following the icloud password recovery method to retrieve your iCloud password and continue using your iCloud account. Copying iPhone contacts from sim to iPhone saves you from having to manually save phone numbers on the sim to your iPhone. In the process of using an iCloud account, users should also regularly check iCloud, monitor their icloud account to see if there are any problems. Because iCloud account is quite important for us in particular and for everyone in general. See also: how to recover icloud account password, apple id


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