Should you make your own WordPress website or hire a design service?

A problem that many of you who just intend to do business or make money online pose is:

“Don’t know whether to make your own website or hire a programming service?”

Currently, when the rapid explosion of the internet, all business activities seem to depend on the Website. If you want more customers and more revenue, you need to keep up with this trend.

But I know that not everyone is a tech-savvy person, especially in Vietnam today, the number of people who know about technology is much less than the number of users.

Starting an online website to conduct business can be a big deal for you.

For the non-technical could be a new universe. Simply imagine when someone mentions your website, what comes to mind?

Surely more or less you also see it as a complicated job created by programmers with confusing code.

If you’ve ever taken simple programming subjects like Pascal in high school, you can imagine programming websites to be a hundred times more difficult.

That’s why people often think of hiring a programming service to do it all. You just wait for them to deliver and use in business.

However, when I come here, I don’t want you to be limited to only 1 option, I can provide you with an easier 2nd solution.

There are now many tools to help you build websites easily without requiring you to know programming. You can create beautiful websites by yourself with just a few simple steps.

Very interesting, right?

However, to identify your problem and which option to use, we will talk more clearly below.

If you don’t know much about the web, this is probably the best idea on your mind right now.

Now just go online and type a few keywords like:

  • Website design
  • Cheap website design
  • Professional web design
  • Make a sales website

I guarantee there will be millions of results returned, especially ads with attractive referrals from services that catch your eye.

Insert Image

Because I don’t know much about technical knowledge, when looking at attractive ads, I bet most of you just listen and believe them.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find a reputable service at an affordable price that’s right for your business.

But usually I find that, some services rely on the poor psychology of users to talk about sublime things beyond their knowledge.

Users who don’t understand it always think it’s good, that’s why it’s easy to fall into service traps “jagged”, they advertise better than sing and make you hard to refuse.

In the end, many of you received bitter results…

Light is poor quality for a small amount of money. If it’s heavy, the business can’t grow because the web is down or down bla bla.

How is the quality of web design services?

On the market today, it must be said that there are extremely many web design services, so choosing is also a rather difficult problem.

If you are lucky enough to find a reputable service with many experienced professionals, of course everything will be perfect.

They will be based on your requirements, in addition to useful suggestions for you to have a suitable design and functions for your work.

Usually such services are very expensive, about tens of millions or more, not less, but extremely difficult to find.

Besides, if you are unlucky to encounter “smug” services like I said, there will be many problems for you. Although the price is many times cheaper, the quality is not what you want.

You don’t get custom designed but rely on a few pre-designed templates, and how well organized the code is is hard to say.


I affirm that the price of these design services is not cheap at all.

At least 5-3 million or more for normal websites, more complex will cost tens of millions, even many functions can be up to hundreds is common.

I know when you come here most of the business people and small businesses, investing some money for a website is not an easy decision.

If unfortunately encountering services that specialize in extorting money, it’s even worse, they can suggest you all of their services such as hosting, domain at exorbitant prices.

Because you don’t know anything, you also accept to use as their referral, but in reality you do not have to pay such a high price. This is an extremely common problem faced by any web design hire.

In addition, you may spend more money to hire a webmaster because the management interface that the services provide is not easy. This issue is also related to security because all information about you and your customers is in the hands of the administrator.

Imagine one day he loses a football bet maybe your data will be the best way to pay off the debt. This is just a small case in many cases, it is really difficult to talk about safety when someone is at the core of your online work.

Finally, if you want to change anything, such as functionality or interface, you also have to pay extra for them to edit, I guarantee there is no unpaid work for you.


Support is one of the most important factors when you buy any service, especially web design which involves technical factors.

Most users are not able to understand and solve the problems themselves. That’s when it’s time to get help from service providers.

Almost every service is committed to providing full support when a customer has a problem, but it’s just a word from them to give you confidence to buy. As for the truth, you will only realize it in the process of using it.

Some services are very enthusiastic and some are not as committed, they blame the customer and do not solve it.

After all, hiring a web design service encounters many problems, right? Unless you have a little experience and luck to find a reputable and quality service, but I dare to guarantee that it is not easy.

With the current demand and scale of businesses in Vietnam, I think it’s not necessary to build large websites. Large websites usually only serve purposes such as education in universities or large businesses to use for management and transactions.

That’s why you should look to a tool that you can solve all of the above problems easily, as long as it fits your purpose and the size of your business.

Solution for a web builder for all audiences

As I mentioned above, if you have time you think “Make a website is a job only for programmers”, then at this point you should change this ancient thinking.

Currently, there are many tools to support making websites easily, even if you do not know about coding, there is no problem.

Websites you thought were complicated now anyone (including you) can make and manage it yourself without having to hire anyone else.

You can quickly start a business at a super cheap price without having to worry about many other problems in terms of finance and quality.

Sounds unbelievable right?

When I first learned about these tools, it was really hard to believe.

But now you can easily see here, every interface you are experiencing is done by the available tools, only the content you are reading is written by me.

Is the quality of DIY Websites with WordPress as good as programming services?

You might think that doing it yourself will not get the beautiful, professional and fully functional websites you want.

But with the support of powerful tools, such as WordPress, you will not need to worry about this. Behind these tools are the world’s leading experts in the web design industry.

They understand every aspect of the best for websites and integrate it into the tools for you, so there’s nothing to complain about in terms of quality.

An outsourced web design service ensures no one is more knowledgeable than the experts from tools like WordPress.

It sounds like I put them above the design experts from the services.

But the truth is clear, in the field of technology we always follow a lot of international friends.

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The cost of making your own website is quite cheap

Almost all of the powerful web building tools available today are freely available to users.

Are from “Free” make you feel suspicious right?

In fact, this free is part of a commercial purpose, such as services that are required with every website, domain and hosting. Besides, there are many services to support work on the web.

Free contributors make it popular and widely known, thereby selling associated products and services.

So no need to worry about free! Everything is safe.

If you use WordPress you will see clearly what I just said, it is so powerful and popular that there is a community. Where anyone can contribute their best friend’s efforts to build it.

That’s why WordPress is always the best choice, this is also why I often recommend my readers to use it.

If you make your own website, you must have hosting & domain for everything to work

But rest assured!

I guarantee the price you spend to build will be super cheap compared to design services a lot.

The important thing is that everything is easy to learn, you can control all the data yourself without being dependent on others.


Since it’s self-made and uses free tools, you won’t get direct design support. However, these tools have a large community, you can get everything answered with just a few queries on the internet. If calculated, it is still much more valuable than web design services.

In addition, services that lean towards technical factors such as hosting & domain you will be supported from az.

Usually when you make your own website, you will choose international hosting & domain for the best deals and quality. Of course, the support mode is off the table because the international service they work is very professional and there are good experts to help.

I have made my own web for 2 years now and have never complained about the international services brought.


Hope you have had a choice in deciding whether to hire a design service or make your own website.

If you’re a medium or large business, it’s a good idea to hire your own service so they can help you with everything. But keep in mind that looking for reputable services, especially if hiring an administrator, must also pay attention to them to account for high-impact incidents.

Personally, I always encourage self-employment if you are an individual or small business. You will save a lot of money and, importantly, master the data about the web yourself.

If this is your choice, I recommend using WordPress, it is the web builder in the world. You can do everything like a pro, even better than them, without spending too much time learning.

It took me about 2 weeks to master this tool, but I believe for you that number could be a smaller number.

Starting your online business by having a website today is a wise decision, when your competitors are looking to get to this article. Make your choice and act before them.

Let us know your choice in the comments section below. It can help many other readers find the best decision.

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