Should you choose a water cooler or an air cooler when building a PC?

Whether you are using a PC, a laptop for work or a gaming laptop for gaming, most users always have to think about the cooling system for their machine. Today, let’s try to compare the two systems water and gas cooling to see that between one side is cheap price and the other is modern technology, which one is more suitable for you. Let’s follow together!

What is heatsink?

Most of us know what a heat sink is and how important it is to a computer. But perhaps not many people will know about the specific working structure, what will it be?

In a nutshell, a heatsink is a system that is equipped to cool a device, preventing it from overheating leading to damage. Because in the process that you use, some hardware devices, especially CPU and VGA, will give off a huge amount of heat.

Air and water cooling

It is because of the above tasks that the heat sink was born to help cool the machine. These components will consume most of the heat emitted during machine operation, and then release this heat into the environment before the computer components overheat. So when build PC how to choose to buy a computer CPU cooler?What are the strengths and weaknesses of each type?

Air cooler

What is an air cooler?

Air cooler is an air-fan cooling system chosen by users to be the most widely used on the market today. Most of today’s laptops from low-cost to high-end use this air cooler thanks to its long history and widespread popularity.

What is an air cooler?

Air coolers are most popular with users because of their low cost, simple structure but high efficiency, as well as not requiring too much skill in the installation process.

Advantages of air cooling

  • Affordable price, this is considered the strongest advantage of air cooling
  • Easy to clean, maintain, maintain, you can clean the machine yourself without the need for cleaning services
  • Because it is easy to disassemble and clean, it is also easy to repair when there is a problem.
  • Currently, it is the most popular cooling technology and is perfected every day

Disadvantage of air cooler

  • When operating, it also makes sound and emits noise
  • The cooling effect is not really high
  • Or get a lot of dust on the fan blades, causing unsanitary

Water cooler

What is water cooling?

If air cooling is used, why do people still have this liquid cooling technology? Part of the reason is because water cooling will provide much higher cooling efficiency than air cooling. Since then, water cooling was born and developed for the purpose of cooling huge and significantly overheated computer systems.

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What is water cooling?

So, despite being born late, the water cooler has met almost all of the cooling needs for terrible computer systems working with high capacity for a long time of use.

Advantages of water cooling

  • The most obvious disadvantage is the extremely good cooling effect in many conditions
  • Modern, eye-catching design with LED lighting system
  • Does not make much noise, quiet for spaces that need high concentration
  • The system is less prone to dust, low cleaning frequency, and does not require too much maintenance

Disadvantages of water cooling

  • The price is quite high, making many users afraid
  • During the installation process requires a high level of technical skills
  • Causes great damage to other hardware when it crashes
  • Difficulty in maintenance as well as maintenance

Which heatsink should I buy?

This question also depends on a lot of different factors such as how long you have used your computer as well as the configuration of your current computer in use. And it depends on your financial ability, so think carefully to make a decision to buy the type water and gas cooling Which is suitable!

Which heatsink should I buy?

The above article is some information about the comparison between water and gas cooling, hope it helps you!

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