Shark Tank Millionaire Kevin O’Leary “optimistic” about NFT surpassing Bitcoin (BTC) in the future

In addition to being a huge supporter of Bitcoin (BTC), millionaire Kevin O’Leary is also extremely “optimistic” about the NFT.

Shark Tank Millionaire Kevin O'Leary "optimistic" about NFT will surpass Bitcoin (BTC) in the future
Shark Tank Millionaire Kevin O’Leary “optimistic” about NFT surpassing Bitcoin (BTC) in the future

In a January 5 interview, Kevin O’Leary, the character best known on the show Shark Tank America, nicknamed “Mr. Wonerful”, spoke about NFT and the growth potential of the field in the coming years. O’Leary asserts that NFT will continue to gain popularity and possibly even become a bigger market than Bitcoin (BTC).

Surprisingly, the millionaire once bluntly declared Bitcoin to be a worthless thing, citing that investors cannot buy and take profits in BTC in large quantities. However, in early 2021, O’Leary changed his mind and admitted he respects Bitcoin. A few months later, he announced his entry into the market by allocating 3% of his portfolio to BTC.

Returning to the topic of NFTs, his belief in the field stems from the idea that they can prove ownership of real-world items, such as cars or watches:

“You will see a lot of movement in implementing authentication and insurance policies and real estate transfer taxes online over the next few years, making the NFT a more flexible, potential marketplace. much more than Bitcoin.”

Conclusion, Mr. Wonderful made another landmark announcement that he is investing in both “both sides of the equation” above, i.e. BTC and NFT.

In addition, O’Leary is also someone who pays a lot of attention to other assets, including Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL) and stablecoin USD Coin (USDC). To prove his pro-crypto stance, O’Leary plans to launch an investment firm specializing in DeFi in May 2021.

However, there is one coin that he does not support, and that is Dogecoin (DOGE). According to Mr. O’Leary, investing in DOGE is like gambling. He is even ready to criticize DOGE for having absolutely no intrinsic value and should be classified as an investment just for “fun”:

“When you invest in Dogecoin, it’s like you’re going to Las Vegas and putting your money in the red.”

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