[UPDATED ON 07/02/22]: Samsung updated the Calendar app to version v12.2.09.4000. The approx size of this update is 30 MB. This update is compatible for devices with Android 10 or later ones. The update is a stable one and it is available globally. Here are all the new changes the update brings on:

They reviewed the menu names of the event creation view and changed them to terms that are easy for consumers to understand below.

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– Add alert → Alert
– Attach file → Attachment
– Invitee → Invitees
– Calendar default → Default visibility
– Available → Free


[ORIGINAL POST]: South Korean tech giant Samsung always keep updating their stock app because they know it help them improve the user experience of their Galaxy customers. Well this time, they are here again with another update for another stock app. Samsung is now updating their Calendar app to version v12.03.02.4000 for their Galaxy device users.

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This app update is a stable one and it is available all over the globe. This update is compatible for Galaxy devices with Android 10 and later ones. The approx size of this update is 42 MB. This latest update fixes some minor bugs and polishes the over all app performance. The app is now running better than ever. We all know how important it is to keep track of our busy schedule and Samsung’s Calendar helps to do the exact same thing.

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Samsung Calendar is a great tool to have comprehensive control of your daily tasks. You can organize your whole month, week or days according to your liking using this app. This app offers you multiple options like set remainder, add tasks, mark a day important and so on. So once you download and install it in your Galaxy device you will be able to keep a track on each and every day of the year, never miss any remainder and always attend all the important tasks.

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If you are a Samsung Galaxy user with Android 10 or more, you can now download and install the Calendar app version using our link given below


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