Samsung Galaxy devices have already started picking up the new March 2022 security patch through a software update, starting February 25. The company picked the Galaxy S22 series as the initial receiver of its all-new March 2022 Android patch update.

This new security update aims to improve the overall stability and reliability of the Galaxy devices. At the same time, consumers will receive this firmware with fixes for a lot of CVEs from Google and additional SVEs content from Samsung.

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Samsung rolls out the regular security updates via three methods; monthly for flagships, quarterly for mid-range, and budgets, while biannually to the Galaxy phones older than 3 years. It’s worth noting that Samsung devices launched after 2019 are compatible with four years of regular software updates.

Since Samsung releases every new software in various phases, the availability for your region/country may likely differ. Therefore, we will keep a track of Samsung devices receiving the latest Android security update worldwide in addition to the March 2022 security patch details & schedule.


Samsung February 2022 Security Update


Galaxy Z Series

  • So far, no Galaxy Z series device received March 2022 update.


Galaxy S Series

  • Galaxy S22 series [Europe]
    • Galaxy S22
    • Galaxy S22+
    • Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • Galaxy S10 series

Update: The latest information suggests that Samsung will begin One UI 4.1 update for Galaxy S21, S21+, S21 Ultra, and S21 FE smartphones from mid-March by Fido Canada. Along with the major update, the device will also get March 2022 security patch to enhance system security. Read more here.


Galaxy Note Series

  • So far, no Galaxy Note series device received March 2022 update.


Galaxy A Series

  • Galaxy A52 – Brazil
  • Galaxy A03s – Verizon


Galaxy M Series

  • So far, no Galaxy M series device received March 2022 update.


Galaxy F Series

  • So far, no Galaxy F series device received March 2022 update.


Galaxy Tab Series

  • So far, no Galaxy Tab series device received March 2022 update.


Galaxy XCover Series

  • So far, no Galaxy XCover series device received March 2022 update.


March 2022 Android security patch details

You can check the list of CVE items below.


  • CVE-2021-30317, CVE-2021-39708


  • CVE-2021-35068,CVE-2021-35077,CVE-2021-35074,CVE-2021-35075,CVE-2021-30323,CVE-2021-30309,CVE-2021-30326,CVE-2021-30322,CVE-2021-30318,CVE-2021-35069,CVE-2021-39692,CVE-2021-39693,CVE-2021-39695,CVE-2021-39697,CVE-2021-39624,CVE-2021-39690,CVE-2021-39667,CVE-2021-0957,CVE-2021-39701,CVE-2021-39702,CVE-2021-39703,CVE-2021-39704,CVE-2021-39706,CVE-2021-39707,CVE-2021-39709,CVE-2021-32484,CVE-2021-32485,CVE-2021-32486,CVE-2021-32487


  • CVE-2021-1024,CVE-2021-0978,CVE-2021-0983,CVE-2021-0988,CVE-2021-1013,CVE-2021-1030,CVE-2021-1031,CVE-2021-1003,CVE-2021-0998,CVE-2021-1016,CVE-2021-0989,CVE-2021-0990,CVE-2021-0991,CVE-2021-0994,CVE-2021-0996,CVE-2021-1012,CVE-2021-1025,CVE-2021-1008,CVE-2021-39689

Already included in previous updates

Not applicable to Samsung devices

  • CVE-2022-20025,CVE-2022-20027,CVE-2022-20028,CVE-2022-20026,CVE-2021-39672,CVE-2021-39635,CVE-2021-39658,CVE-2021-39616,CVE-2022-20024,CVE-2021-39631,CVE-2021-39699,CVE-2021-39705


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