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Zombie Defense Tycoon is exactly what it sounds like. You start with nothing and must defend yourself against the unholy undead as they seek to eat your delicious flesh. You must protect your base with turrets, guns and melee weapons, fighting your way through hordes of undead as they hurl themselves against your defenses.

How to Redeem Codes in Zombie Defense Tycoon

To redeem a code in-game, click the redeem button in the lower right corner of the screen. Now type the code, making sure to capitalize where necessary, and hit enter.

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Active Codes

All currently active codes for the game are as follows.

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More money equals more defenses to smash zombie heads. Use these codes and you can build a castle made up of turrets.

Expired Codes

The following codes are expired. We’ll update this list when we find out they’ve expired.

  • SP00KY – $20,000
  • SHIELD – Free currency
  • 15,000! – Free currency
  • 600LIKE – It was a free money code.
  • RELEASE – This code allowed you to get 20,000 free cash.
  • HUMVEE – You will get 20,000 free cash with this code.
  • 2400LIKE – More free money worth 20,000 for you with this code.
  • 2100LIKE – Yet another code for 20,000 free cash.
  • 4000LIK3S – Another free cash code for 20,000, if you can believe it!

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