Recently, the teaser trailer for the new Star Guardian event has been posted by Riot Games with an anime style that makes many League of Legends gamers excited.

Not long ago, there was a lot of information showing that Riot Games is about to bring back the outfit that many gamers love, Star Guardian, with the theme of warriors protecting the light of the stars. This information has received a lot of attention from the League of Legends gaming community because this is one of the most popular skin lines with beautiful shapes and extremely interesting storylines.

Recently, Riot Games has officially confirmed this with a video posted that lasts nearly 1 minute and can make many gamers mistakenly think that this is an introductory trailer for a completely new anime series. The visuals and audio are highly appreciated, showing the scale and preparation of Riot for this year’s biggest event. With this video, Riot is able to produce an anime dedicated to the Star Guardians.

It is unclear which character this will be in the upcoming Star Guardians of League of Legends

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In addition, the start date of the Star Guardian event has also been revealed to be July 14, and is likely to take place in version 12.13 or 12.14. In addition, this video also shows that this event will not only take place in League of Legends but also Legends of Runeterra as well as Wild Rift. This is also extremely understandable when previous big events of League of Legends such as Great Depression also took place in other games revolving around the Runeterra universe.

The anime-style transitions of the Star Guardian trailer are loved by many League of Legends gamers

Before the Star Guardians officially return on July 14, Riot may reveal other information related to this extremely monumental event. Did you feel excited after watching the trailer for the Star Guardian event? Don’t forget to follow to not miss the latest news about League of Legends!

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