The mask shaped like an eagle’s beak looks very beautiful. This is my favorite detail on the car

The car is equipped with a single cylinder engine block, 135cc capacity, SOHC, liquid-cooled, producing a maximum capacity of 12.5 horsepower and maximum torque of 12.1Nm. A parameter that cannot be compared with the underbone 150 at the moment such as Exciter 150 (15.4 hp), Raider 150 Fi (18 hp). But if you are a person who does not race and swim, use the car to go every day, from time to time, the car will meet your needs.

The acceleration of the car is quite good, the highest speed I achieved with my car is 120km/h. The car operates at low speed quite smoothly. Exciter 135’s pot set allows you to easily play the numbers. The machinery of this car is quite quiet, only suffering from a slight pothole situation, which is typical of the Exciter series. I used her to go on two tours, one tour Saigon – Phan Rang – Da Lat, one tour Saigon – Phu Yen. And it meets all my needs, from the road to the pass.
With zin legs, running at an average speed of 70km/h to 90km/h is not a problem. But the front fork of the car is quite weak, so I modified it with a pair of LCM forks. The LCM fork has a larger ti and a wider fork, and it’s also stiffer than the zin fork, so I don’t experience shaking when going through potholes. The rear fork has also been replaced with a Redleo fork with an oil tank, allowing me to increase the stiffness of the spring and the rebound of the fork. In general, after replacing the fork, my car is much more compact. It is impossible not to mention the brakes of the car, the car is equipped with both front and rear disc brakes. Because I changed the LCM fork, I put on a 260mm X1R brand brake disc (zin disc 220mm) so that the oil pig could eat all the disc. Compared to the Exciter 150, the Exciter 135 is equipped with a 2-piston pig in the front, of course it will win more than the 1-piston pig of the Exciter 150. I don’t understand what Mr. Yamaha thinks when he equips the Exciter 150 with 1 piston. 😀. The back plate I still keep the zin pork but I have replaced the Galfer plate.

Exciter 135 is equipped with a lighting system that is a halogen lamp and an electric machine. The lights are extremely poor, do not catch the road, just enough to go in the city. When I took the car back, I immediately replaced it with an led light bulb to solve this situation.

The car is equipped with a fuel tank with a capacity of 4 liters. Although the fuel supply system for the car is a traditional carburetor instead of electronic fuel injection, I still find the car to be quite fuel-efficient. I have tested and measured 40km / liter when traveling in the city and 45km / liter when traveling on the highway. Of course, it also depends on how you run, if you press the car, put the gear, run at high speed, of course the car will eat more gas.

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