Currently, there are many YouTube channels that operate and develop solely based on reuploading videos from other users. So what is a reup and is it a good idea to reup? Let’s go with Vietnix to find the answer in the following article.

What is Reup?

A reup is when YouTubers gather previously posted clips of other people on their channel instead of investing and producing them themselves.

Reup helps YouTubers not spend too much time, effort and cost to produce videos. They just copy a video from a certain channel, then reverse the video on their YouTube channel for the purpose of making money.

What is Reup?
What is Reup?

In addition to reup YouTube, there are also reup stories (repost stories), reup articles (repost articles), reup photos (repost photos), reup Faceook (retrieve articles and videos from other social networks and then repost to Facebook). ),…

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Pros and cons when reup on YouTube

Currently, there are many YouTube channels that rely on reup videos from other users to survive. This method brings many benefits to the channel owner but also has its own risks.


The advantages that reup videos on YouTube bring can be mentioned as:

Save time on video production

If you produce a video yourself, you will have to go through a lot of different stages from ideation, script writing to rendering, sound processing. Usually, the time it takes for a YouTuber to complete all these stages will range from 1-3 days.

While just copying and re-uploading a video from another channel, it will only take you a third of the time, even faster.

Save time on video production
Save time on video production

Production cost savings

Popular YouTubers often spend from $5,000 to $20,000 for a 1-2 minute video. This is a rather large number that not all users or businesses are able to meet. Not to mention, for newly established YouTube channels, businesses also have to spend a budget for marketing so that the video is trending and many followers.

In contrast to the video reup, users will not need to spend any money. Unless you use paid video editing software.

Minimize risk of capital return

Payback risk is always something that YouTubers worry about when publishing videos on this platform. Because even if you have invested a lot of brainpower, time and money, if the video is not watched by many people, your return on investment is very low.

Minimize risk of capital return
Minimize risk of capital return

Meanwhile, if you choose to re-upload hot videos on YouTube, such as Marvel’s Thor 4 trailer, you can completely “follow” the appeal of this brand. Even if the number of viewers for your reup video is lower than the clip of the owner, this number is still enough to bring you huge views without spending too much effort.


One of the biggest risks you can face when reuploading videos from other users is copyright issues. If detected by YouTube, your channel may completely be locked. This can cost the channel owner a large amount of revenue each month if your channel has monetization enabled.

Cons of reup on YouTube
Cons of reup on YouTube

More seriously, you are also at risk of being handled in violation of the Law on Intellectual Property of Vietnam. Therefore, before reuploading any video available on YouTube, you should carefully find out if the video has been copyrighted or not to avoid future risks.

Differentiate reup and borrow ideas

Currently, there are many YouTube users who confuse reup and borrow ideas and then recreate in their own way. In fact, these are two terms with completely different concepts.

To demonstrate that, you can follow the following example:

The first case, if you download the entire Black Panther movie trailer to your computer and re-upload it on your YouTube channel. This is the video reup.

The second case, if you take the trailer content and turn them into a funny or interesting version of the original, that is borrowing ideas.

Differentiate reup and borrow ideas
Differentiate reup and borrow ideas

In addition, there are still some cases where users secretly film movies in theaters or make summary videos and movie reviews. These videos are not basically reup, but they can be removed from the platform by YouTube for violating terms of use. They can even be completely deleted soon after if the owner discovers and complains about violations.

Instructions to reup videos without copyright

To reup videos to YouTube without copyright infringement, you can follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Choose to reup the video without copyright.

There are 2 ways to help you identify non-copyrighted videos.

Method 1: Choose non-copyrighted videos using the website:

You access the above website address and select the videos that are not copyrighted on this website. For example, videos that do not participate in making money, videos of Google Adsense players, etc. Then download them to your computer.

Method 2: Select the video to reup manually.

To know if a video is copyrighted or not, visit the video link. Then press the key combination “Ctrl + U” to view the source of the YouTube video you are watching.

Next you press the key combination “Ctrl + F” to open the search function, and at the same time enter in the search box the sequence of characters “meta name=attribution”.

Instructions to reup videos without copyright
Instructions to reup videos without copyright

Then you observe the content displayed after the word content. If it’s a string of non-meaningful characters, it means this is a non-copyrighted video and you can use it to reup YouTube. Conversely, if it is a meaningful string of characters as shown below, it is a copyrighted video and you should not reup this video.

  • Step 2: After downloading the video to your device, you should not upload it in a hurry, but use the MD5 encoding tool to edit the clip content.
  • Step 3: You continue to use Camtasia video editing tool to add an Intro at the beginning of the clip to introduce your YouTube channel.
Use Camtasia to edit videos
Use Camtasia to edit videos
  • Step 4: Adjust the video frame like:
    • Rotate the video at an angle of about 10-15 degrees.
    • Change video color.
    • Insert logo.
    • Increase the display speed of the video to 105 – 110.
  • Step 5: Add music to the video or increase the audio speed in the video to 105 – 110 to avoid getting audio copyrighted.
  • Step 6: Enter information for the video by right-clicking on the video that has just been rendered, then you select Properties and proceed to fill in the information about the video.
  • Step 7: Reup video to YouTube and enable monetization.
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The hottest reup topics on YouTube

In order for your YouTube channel to attract a high number of subscribers, you can reupload videos with hot content such as:

  • Movie trailer coming soon.
  • Video streams of hot games like GTA, LOL, Minecraft, etc.
  • Videos on sports topics such as the synthesis of beautiful goals, American wrestlers WWE, …
  • Music videos of famous singers such as Son Tung, Dong Nhi, …
  • Videos of celebrities’ private lives.
Hottest topics on YouTube
The hottest topics on YouTube

However, you should note that the hotter the topic, the higher the viewership and the greater the chance of you being “copyrighted”. Therefore, if you do not have much experience with reup videos, choose clips with more “safe” content but still have a high number of people interested. Such as:

  • Cooking instructions, making cakes, putting clothes in suitcases, …
  • Video tutorials on life tips such as how to tie a tie, ironing, folding clothes.
  • Videos with funny content.


Hope the above article has helped you understand what a reup is and how to reup a video without copyright. Thank you for following the article. Do not forget to share this useful information with other readers.

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