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Because of fear of fishyness, fear of itching when doing, itching in the mouth when eating, the fish soup along the mosquito net and fish noodle along the mosquito net are cool and cool, but many housewives … refused. But knowing how to make it, the fish soup along the mosquito net is very simple, delicious and easy to eat even when it’s hot and uncomfortable in the summer, or cold in the winter.

Fish soup along the net is not fishy, ​​not itchy

Along the mosquito net is the raw material for making many delicious and attractive dishes such as vermicelli, sour soup, etc., but if not done properly, the mosquito net will make housewives itchy hands, while eating it still itch in the mouth.

Along the mosquito net, besides cooking ribs, it is also used to cook fish soup – especially with perch soup cooked along the mosquito net, which is great for eating rice to cool down in the summer without fishy, ​​not itchy. But many people have done it wrong, so they become afraid to eat a delicious dish, while this dish has a very simple way to do it.

Relieve the fear of making delicious and cool fish soup along the mosquito net without fishy, ​​not itchy for women - Photo 1.

Knowing how to do it will stop itching along the mosquito net. Illustration.

Fish soup along the mosquito net is delicious and eye-catching even when it’s hot in summer or cold in winter. Many restaurants and families in Hanoi are also very adept at making simple, rich, and delicious sour fish soup – becoming homesick for many expatriate Hanoians.

It’s not difficult to cook fish along the net with fish heads – especially today with salmon heads that are popular with many people. But in order to get the mild sour taste, not fishy, ​​not itchy, you must know the secret.

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This fish soup can be eaten with vermicelli, forming a fish noodle dish along the mosquito net. Hanoians have a saying about fish noodles along the mosquito net, which is rewritten by culinary expert Vu Thi Tuyet Nhung as follows:

Everyone screams hot.

Don’t know what to eat?

Morning in the market

Buy a few ounces of fish,

Some tomatoes,

A little onion and dill

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Double vertical mint,

With half a pound of vermicelli.

Fish marinated in fish sauce,

With a little pepper,

Sprinkle turmeric powder evenly,

Fry with fat.

Bone broth in the cupboard,

Vinegar suddenly added,

The suffocating smell,

Delicious noodle soup with fish

The poems of culinary expert Vu Thi Tuyet Nhung clearly explain how to buy ingredients and how to make fish soup along the mosquito net with vermicelli is not difficult.

Here is how to make fish soup along the mosquito net, not fishy, ​​not itchy to eat with vermicelli, with rice.

Relieve the fear of making delicious and cool fish soup along the mosquito net without being fishy or itchy - Photo 3.

Along the way, cooking sour soup is very delicious. Illustration.


Fish head (should buy big fish head), body is braised/fried/steamed, head is for cooking soup along the mosquito net, sweet to eat, cool in summer and warm in winter.

Colocasia gigantea

Green onions, cilantro, fresh turmeric, cooking oil, dill, seasoning seeds, salt, fish sauce.


– Fry the fish head:

Clean fish head (remove fishy by rubbing salt thoroughly), drain and fry in hot oil until fragrant. Note that when frying, you need to be gentle to avoid the fish head being crushed or chipped. Then drain the oil.

– Work along the mosquito net:

Gloves should be worn to prevent itchy hands along the mosquito net.

Along the striped nettle, cut diagonally and drop into a basin of cold water mixed with salt, soak for 30 minutes, then remove to a basket, drain, and gently squeeze with 2 tablespoons of salt.

Continue to soak the mosquito net with clean water 2 times, each time for another 15 minutes, then take it out, squeeze to drain all the water. Before cooking, remember to blanch the mosquito nets in boiling water, when the soup is cooked, the itching will be gone.

– Scrape off the peel of turmeric, crush it, then add 1-2 tablespoons of cold water, squeeze out the juice.

– Sauteed dried onion. Add water and fish head to boil, then add tamarind.

When the tamarind is cooked, take it out, crush it, filter it, and pour the sour water into the fish pot (discarded residue).

– Taste the seasoning to taste (this step, if you like, you can add galangal juice to the fish soup along the mosquito net to add more flavor).

When the water boils again, drop the nettle in and continue to boil, sprinkle with scallions, dill, finely chopped cilantro, stir well, then turn off the heat.

This dish is delicious served hot with rice and vermicelli. A bowl of fish soup along the mosquito net cooked with clear water, fragrant with sour tamarind, dill, and sage.

Tasty tilapia sour soup along the mosquito net

In addition to the big fish head, the perch cooked along the cooling net is equally delicious. How to do this:



Along the net (depending on the amount of food)

3 tomatoes, tamarind juice, dried onion, green onion, dill, chili.

Common seasonings: Sugar, tamarind juice, fish sauce, seasoning seeds

Relieve the fear of making delicious and cool fish soup along the mosquito net without fishy, ​​not itchy for women - Photo 5.

Along the mosquito net, cook the fish head into a delicious and delicious fish soup. Illustration.


Clean tilapia, fry until golden brown on both sides.

Preliminary preparation along the clean net, thinly sliced ​​and then soaked in diluted salt water for 30 minutes, then squeezed and rinsed with cold water and then drained.

Tomato, dill, onion, chili wash thoroughly. Then cut the tomatoes into wedges. Dill, scallions and peppers are finely chopped.

Saute the purple onion, add the tomatoes and stir-fry together, seasoning to taste. When the tomatoes are soft, add enough water and bring to a boil.

Add fried tilapia, then add tamarind juice, bring to a boil, then add dill, scallions, chopped chili and turn off the heat.

Finished products: The perch soup cooked along the mosquito nets is fragrant, the water is rich, and the fish meat is absorbed with the spices. The broth has a slight sour taste from tamarind and tomato juice, served with vermicelli or hot rice.

Knowing how to do this, the soup will not be fishy or itchy, but will also make the dish have a sweet and sour taste, which is very interesting and eye-catching to eat in both summer and winter.

Tips for making mosquito nets without itching and the use of mosquito nets

The edible mosquito net is grown in a place where there is water, there is a red dot in the middle of the leaf stalk (if it is a white dot, you should not buy it because it is an itchy, inedible type). Buy the right size mosquito net, neither too big nor too small. The tree is long and oblong, fresh color, not wilted, bruised or decayed.

– Limit buying along the mosquito net that has been cut, or stamped, bruised.

Always wear gloves during washing and cleaning along the mosquito net. First, wash off all the dirt, use a knife to cut all the edges along the mosquito net, remove the fibers.

– Cut the long side into diagonal slices (for easy absorption of spices), then sprinkle 1 teaspoon of salt in it, squeeze it out to get all the itchy water. Leave it on for another 15 minutes and then wash it off – it helps to reduce the itching of the mosquito net.

– Wash again along the net, rub, gently squeeze to drain – do this a few times and always use gloves to rub and squeeze along the net. Then boil the water to blanch the mosquito net, it will stop itching when cooking.

The use of bamboo nets is not known to everyone

Mangosteen contains a lot of vitamin C, which helps prevent vitamin C deficiency in the body (vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy, signs include bleeding gums, poor wound healing and very large purple patches on the skin).

The mosquito net is rich in vitamin C, so it can prevent the harmful effects of free radicals (formed through the breakdown of food, or due to direct exposure to cigarette smoke, pollution and radiation). Free radicals cause heart disease, arthritis, gout and cancer.

However, there is information that this dish is related to increased uric acid in the blood. Therefore, people who have had gout, or are at the borderline at risk of gout should not eat because it will increase the progression of the disease.

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