Recording, recording computer screen..

On the blog, I have shared with you many ways to record the computer screen.

However, there is another very good software that I want to share with you in today’s article.

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That’s EaseUS RecExperts !

Well, the reason I recommend this software is:

  1. Modern interface, friendly, easy to use.
  2. Main feature is screen recording (full screen or any area on the screen) of a meeting, or a Youtube video, or a tutorial, playing a game…
  3. Supports screen recording with audio from computer or microphone (both MacOS and Windows). In addition, you can extract audio from video files easily.
  4. Support to take photos or videos.. and save with GIF format (animated image) super fast.
  5. Support auto-stop and auto-cut video. Specifically, I will describe in detail later in the tutorial.
  6. You can schedule to automatically record the screen video, and schedule to stop automatically. In addition, you can schedule a lot of other tasks as well.
  7. Quick screenshot support.
  8. Support for editing video or audio files after recording.
  9. There are many output formats, such as MP4, MOV, AVI, MP3, PNG, etc.
  10. Supports a series of advanced features, very useful for those who specialize in video tutorials, video game recording..

#first. Who will EaseUS RecExperts be suitable for?

Yes, suitable for all types of users.

But I think it will be perfect for teachers, trainers, gamers, YouTubers, or businesses…

#2. Download and install EaseUS RecExperts

Home page:
Download: Link from homepage

NOTE: This is a paid software, you can still use it for free, but it will be limited to a lot of cool features.

Once downloaded, double click on the file *.EXE that you just downloaded to start installing on your computer.

how-to-make-it-yourself (1)

The installation process is quite fast, please wait a bit..

how-to-make-it-yourself (2)

After the installation is complete, please click the button Start Now to start using.

how-to-make-up-may-tinh (3)

#3. How to use EaseUS RecExperts to record computer screen

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This is the main interface of EaseUS RecExperts software. There are 2 separate frames, small small frames are mainly shortcuts. Detail:

  • F9: You use this key to start recording a video.
  • F10: This key to Pause or Resume video recording.
  • F11: Take a snapshot of the current screen.

The main window of the software has the following features:

  1. Full Screen: Full screen recording mode.
  2. Region: Record the screen of any area on the computer screen (chosen by you).
  3. Audio: Increase or decrease the sound in this.
  4. Webcams: Turn on the webcam.
  5. Settings: Go to settings.
  6. Recordings: Go to the recording section.
  7. Auto split: Automatically trim video (by time or by file size).
  8. Auto stop: automatically each video when reaching a certain time period, or reaching a certain capacity.
  9. Task scheduler: Schedule to do tasks.
  10. Webcams: Go to webcam settings.
  11. System sounds: System sound settings.

Some features like Auto split and Auto Stop You must activate the license to set up and use it.

how-to-make-up-may-tinh (4)

Okay, now I will activate the license to be able to use the full features. You press the button Upgrade to Full Version

how-to-make-up-may-tinh (5)

In the next window, click the . button Enter license

how-to-make-up-to-make-up (6)

Enter the license key => then select Activate to activate.

how-to-make-it-yourself (7)

Okay, after activation is complete, the main interface of the software will have the PRO logo as shown below.

I will try the part Auto split Please.

how-to-make-it-yourself (8)

As you can see, you can set up to automatically trim the video when it has recorded 40 minutes (the number of minutes you set), or automatically cut the video when it reaches 500 MB (the size you set).

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how-to-make-it-yourself (9)

Try going into settings Auto stop. There are 3 options to stop recording:

  • Stop recording at: That is, the setup stops at time xxx
  • Recording time: Set to stop after reaching xxx minutes.
  • File sizes: Set to stop when the capacity reaches xxx MB

how-to-make-it-yourself (10)

And here is the part Task scheduler

how-to-make-it-yourself (11)

Okay, now let’s move on to the Settings section. In the settings we will have 4 main tabs.

Here you can set the partition to store video and audio files after recording is complete.

  • Output format: Set the output format for the video.
  • Quality: Set output video quality.
  • Frame rate: Choose the number of frames per second, if your device has a discrete card, set it to high for smoothness..
  • ….



how-to-make-it-yourself (14)

#4. Epilogue

Well, that’s it, I have finished showing you how to record your computer screen with EaseUS RecExperts software.

In my personal opinion, this is a pretty good software, very suitable for those who often have to record screen videos, in general, it is worth using.

Okay, hope this article will be useful to you, good luck!

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