RBC has released a new solution to make it easier for customers to split the tab with their dining companions.

Split with Friends allows customers to manage group expenses through the bank’s mobile app. Customers can divide costs between their contacts, request funds, and keep track of who’s paid their share.

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Split with Friends requires three steps: enter the amount to divide, select payees, and send requests.

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RBC is the only bank in Canada to offer such a feature.

The institution notes the pandemic has changed the way people bank. Since January 2020, RBC mobile users have increased by 23 percent. E-transfers have increased by 74 percent since the onset of the pandemic.

“We’ve all experienced the hassle of splitting bills and sharing expenses on things like group trips and meals. This is another great example of the powerful benefits that clients can access when they bank with RBC,” Sean Amato-Gauci, an executive vice-president at RBC, said in a statement.

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RBC’s mobile banking app is available on iOS and Android.

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Source: RBC

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