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As many of you know, a lot of companies are already working online.

The reason is that you all know it, because the COVID-19 pandemic has appeared in China, and now the epidemic has shifted its focus from China to European countries. The epidemic situation has not shown any sign of decline!

A special feature of this virus is that the patients in the early stages do not have any symptoms, so spreading the virus, spreading the virus from person to person is extremely easy, making the situation increasingly serious. . Therefore, going out to work at the time of a pandemic is actually not safe at all.

Therefore, more and more people choose to work from home. And working from home will become a global trend in the near future.


In order to create favorable conditions for you to work from home, recently, Keysworlds has supported discounts when buying office applications and Windows 10 operating system so that you can work from home more effectively, more quality.

#first. Buy Windows 10 for $ 9.49

Exclusive discount code KWLE38, up to 38% off when buying Windows 10 Pro. You can visit the link below to buy and apply the price.

#2. Microsoft Office 2019 for only $ 32.27

You can use discount codes KWLE50 for 50% off when buying OFFICE 2019, when applying this discount code, the OFFICE 2019 kit is only $ 32.27.

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For example: After clicking the purchase link, you only need to enter the discount code Click and click Apply to apply the promotional code.


In addition, if you want to buy the OFFICE 2016 kit, you can use the discount code KWLE40 to get 40% off.

Note: 38% discount code unknown end time. But time is limited, so if you need to use the copyright, you should buy it soon.


Keysworlds offers an automated online sales service, which guarantees 100% customer satisfaction when making a purchase! The license key of the software you purchase will be sent to your E-mail within a few minutes.

Keysworlds provides secure and reliable payment methods, such as PayPal, bank transfer, Credit or Debit Card and 24/7 Customer Service ( to ensure that you get the right support whenever you need it.

Thank you for using the service!

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