Every different industry has terms that only people in the industry understand, you are new to the job, it will be quite strange with specialized terms of programming so I wrote this to share this for you. can understand what the brothers and sisters in the company are talking about.

1. Source code
Source code translated into Vietnamese is source code, when talking about source code, we understand that we are talking about all the things that we program in a project.

2. Commit code
In each of our projects, we use SVN or GIT. SVN/GIT is a tool to manage source code, a place to store source code, all programmers working on a project will use the same source. Why people use it, I will have a more detailed article about its great features. This section is talking about the term commit code. Commit code means that I will push everything I have just coded to where the source code of SVN/GIT is located.

3. Testcase
Usually, after the end of the code phase, there will be another stage that is testing (testing) our product to see if it does exactly according to the customer’s requirements, has any bugs or not. Testcases are test cases for your code (code) to ensure that it runs as required, without any problems.

4. Bug, Fix Bug
Bugs are those that after testing according to test cases but not according to customer requirements or bugs due to coding errors (exeption..) . After a bug has arisen, the programmer has to fix the bug, making it right with the customer’s requirements. This time it is called Fix bug.

5. Schedule
Whenever entering a project, the leaders will prepare a schedule, this is the project schedule, for example screen A will code on March 16, 2020 – March 18, 2020. The schedule will list all the screens and the working time of each screen, your job is to adhere to the correct time in the schedule.

6. Evidence
Evidence translated into Vietnamese is proof. When performing test work, often have to take pictures of evidence to let customers know that they have tested this case.

7. Kick off
Kick off is to start a new project.

8. UT
Regarding testing, there are many different types of tests, UT stands for unit test.

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