Preparing to launch new features on BSC and Marketplace

Monnfts is an issuance platform and creator-centric NFT marketplace that uses the MONNFTS (MON) token to empower users to actively interact with the protocol. The project will soon launch new features. A preview of the new features will be available in early January 2022.

What is MON Token?

The MON token is the token of the MONNFTS issuance platform, to empower users to actively interact with the protocol.

Users on the Monnfts platform can easily create NFTs for unique digital items such as artwork. The platform provides users with a fully featured marketplace, filtered and sorted by different categories to create a smooth and easy user experience.

Anyone can create and post NFTs on the Monnfts marketplace. The MON token is a fundamental pillar of the platform as it is used as the default currency for buying/selling NFT and participates in the governance of the protocol.



The token release schedule is available at:

Moon 2

Monnfts helps creators mint and auction their digital art as NFT on BSC. When collectors bid, they provide a new value system for online expression. is on a mission to accelerate the transition of the real world to cryptocurrency. The main features of Monnfts include:

  • Visual art: Upload and sell your visual art works as NFT with simple drag/drop solutions. The market is easy to use and operate with very low transaction fees.
  • The best way to organize music: On this platform, there is a section dedicated to musicians and leaders in the audio field. Monnfts will roll out unique features geared towards musicians and the music industry.
  • Authentic: Every digital creation on the NFTs Marketplace is digitally signed by the creator, permanently recorded and verified via the blockchain (blockchain).
  • Unique: Each digital work is released as a single digital version. Using blockchain technology, creators can ensure that only a limited number of authentic versions can be owned, ensuring the scarcity and uniqueness of the digital work.
  • Ownable: Purchasing a single digital work means that you are granted full ownership of the work, which is then transferred and stored in your digital wallet for safekeeping.

Monnfts was founded by a passionate team of veteran technologists and innovators who have seen first-hand the disparities in the immense value digital creators create. out. The goal of the project is to change that.

Dung Le and I founded MonNFTs as an open, decentralized marketplace for all kinds of digital goods – from gaming items to digital collectibles to digital art. We allow users to buy and sell any NFT on MON Token (BSC), compliant with open standards (currently BEP-20). For game developers, we now offer an open storefront creation process where developers can instantly get a customizable marketplace for their items without having to worry about building any auction infrastructure yourself” – Henry Tran, founder of Monns said.

The highlight of Monnfts is that it acts as an “all-in-one” for NFT, Marketing and DeFi. Monnfts has a ton of features, including:

  • NFT Marketplace: A marketplace for artists’ NFT products..
  • CryptoPop: 200 unique collectible characters stored on BSC with certified proof of ownership. They are fun, small, 24×24 pixel art characters that are algorithmically generated and encoded.
  • M2C: Affiliate network operating under CPA and CPO model
  • Trade: Offers exchange/trading and liquidity features – similar to Uniswap.
  • Earning: Provide liquidity to AMM DEX for rewards
  • Launchpad: This is a token launch feature similar to Launchpad in the Binance ecosystem.

Every digital creation available through Monnfts is an authentic and truly unique digital creation, signed and released by the creator – powered by blockchain technology. Even if the digital work is copied, it will not be the original signed and authenticated version.

Monnfts Marketplace: Marketplace take artist centered with NFT products and royalty features

Monnfts launched its marketplace after a year of preparation on January 1, 2022. The new NFT marketplace will be artist- and creator-centric. This marketplace will help creators mint and auction their digital artworks as NFTs on BSC.

$MON is built on top of BSC. This allows Monnfts and $MON to operate with low transaction fees and no listing fees for voied artists.

This token was launched offline on PancakeSwap on 11/1/2021 without pre-sale. “The royalty feature will take the empowerment of artists and creators to the next level,” commented Henry Tran, founder of Monnfts.

“Whenever you create an NFT, you can set a certain percentage as royalties for secondary sales. For example, you create an NFT and sell it for 0.2 BNB and set the royalties at 10%.

When it comes to secondary sales, your buyer will sell your NFT at a higher price for 0.5 BNB. Here, the royalty system comes into play. As an original content creator, you get 10% of those sales of 0.05 BNB.

When creator (A) sends/transfers NFT to B , A will receive a royalty of 10% of NFT if B sells NFT to C” – Henry further explained.

The royalty function to use is very simple:

  1. Enter, find and click “Create” on the menu bar.
  2. Click on the User icon, navigate to the NFT information. Click the Royalty button and fill in the royalty.
  3. Click on “Set Royalty”.

Monnfts is the ultimate platform to create, discover, trade and leverage any digital asset on the blockchain. They are decentralized and unregulated so any user or brand can discover, test, and monetize their NFT content. The protocol has the following unique selling points:

  • Decentralized Trading: Trade directly with any user on the platform through automated and publicly audited smart contracts, hosted on a robust and proven BSC environment.
  • High Performance, Low Fees: BSC allows Monnfts to transact in an ultra-fast and secure environment while maintaining limited fees for end users.
  • Low Commission Rate: A low commission rate is a way to give back to the community, giving back more to end users and creators.

With a focus and mission on bringing p2p commerce, NFT and Defi closer to the masses, Monnfts believes they are better positioned than ever to open up billions of dollars worth of opportunities to the mainstream. The team will actively start targeting the user mainstream this year.

Marketplace is available for immediate use. For more information, please visit

More information about the launch will be found at the official website:

About Monnfts

Monnfts is an issuance platform and creator-centric NFT marketplace that uses the MONNFTS (MON) token to empower users to actively interact with the protocol.




Dislcaimer: This is a press release, not investment advice. You need to find out carefully before acting, we are not responsible for your investment decisions.

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