Overwatch 2: Best Character New Looks

As the Overwatch 2 full release draws closer with the release of the beta, players are eager for updates to the game. Along with gameplay changes, the game’s appearance has been revamped. There are several character evolutions players can compare to their previous designs. The art style may be very similar to the first version, but more details and refinements make a big difference in the characters.

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The new looks show the characters have aged and changed, as can be seen in Reinhardt’s suit number going from 08 to 09, implying an updated model. Others have changed colors to match their classes more, such as the healers’ colors being lighter to possibly help with being less obvious targets for enemies. All the refreshed skins are nice, but some add more significant changes than others.


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6 Sombra

Sombra has many layers to her design, from asymmetrical hair to different types of gear. Hair textures for Overwatch 2 are much better, but it’s especially noticeable for characters like Tracer, Mercy, and Sombra. Her hair is detailed, the shave more obvious and the technology a brighter neon.

She has more variety in colors to add contrast to her look. Sombra looks like the high-tech hacker she is with all of her technology on display. The saturation in her color design makes every detail pop, like the tech on her hip standing out. Her gun is more realistic and overall she looks more refined. Cosplayers will have fun with her new design.

5 Lucio

As a fast character, it makes sense that Lucio’s new look is sleeker and more aerodynamic. Like most characters revealed, his colors have been changed slightly to make them stand out in the environment more. The neon colors add to his DJ aesthetic and call to mind images of raves. He is one of the few healers that has had the colored sections of his design enhanced. But his overall look is darker with lots of black to help him blend in with the environment and avoid being attacked.

Lucio’s clothing merges with his technology better, no longer looking like it’s just applied over his outfit. The tech overall looks more advanced even though players are unable to see his weapon.

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4 Tracer

Much like Lucio, Tracer has gotten a similar style to the original Overwatch, but with a more aerodynamic style. This is fitting since her character is known for speed. The textures on both her hair and clothing are refined. Her coloring has stayed in the same locations but has been enhanced by deepening the colors and balancing her gradients.

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Tracer has been fleshed out to look like a more realistic and balanced human, as can be seen in her waistline. Her face has changed slightly, making her young age more apparent, and her jacket has been changed to crop it more. One of the clearest changes is her chronal accelerator being protected rather than sticking out and shining brighter.

3 Mercy

Mercy has one of the most apparent hair changes in the Overwatch lineup. Not only has the texture changed, but the hairstyle as well. She looks more mature and polished. A lot of her gear seems more functional, such as her wings looking like they can support her gliding through the air. Her armor looks like it could protect her now.

Mercy is one of the few characters whose colors became lighter. This is balanced out by the fact that the color is more evenly distributed throughout her outfit. She looks more like a sophisticated medical professional now. We do not see how her staff has changed, however.

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2 Reinhardt

Reinhardt has had some of the most noticeable changes. His helmet has been removed to show his face and his shoulder protection has been tilted outward. His design is made to act like realistic protection. The armor on his arms is evened out, and he has completely new shoes to be less pointy and heftier. This weight distribution allows players to see him visually as a more believable tank despite not getting to see how his hammer has changed.

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His signature lion emblem has been kept on his arm, but also added in a second place on his chest. Color additions in multiple locations on his outfit break up the solid silver of his armor and make him look more dynamic.

1 Baptiste

Baptiste has dramatically changed. He has a completely different hairstyle, switching to a curly top with shaved sides. His colors have changed, the shade of blue becoming greener and the orange mainly being removed. The increase of white and black in his outfit makes him look more refined and mature.

Baptiste looks more like a medic now. Like Mercy, the classy high-tech design and incorporation of white and mild colors add a sense of professionalism expected of medical personnel. He is one of the characters whose weapon changes are visible, and it actually looks very similar to the original.

Overwatch 2 is in development for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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