WhatsApp, as per reports, is working on a feature that will enable users to leave groups silently. As per reports, only group admins would be informed when a member leaves a group. But now, a new report suggests otherwise. Also Read – WhatsApp Business to soon get Premium subscription plan: Check details

According to a report by WABetaInfo, the Meta-owned messaging app is also working on a way to let members of a WhatsApp group know who has left the group. The company is working on a feature called ‘View Past Participants’ for group chats. This new feature will appear in the Group Info part of the group under the list of existing participants and tapping on it will enable members to see all WhatsApp members who were participants in a particular group in the past. This in turn will make it easy for members in a group to keep a track of all the members who have left the group. Also Read – WhatsApp will soon let you exit groups without letting anyone know

“It seems that this list will be visible to everyone in the group, not only to group admins but note that since this feature is under development, the way the feature works may change before the release,” the blog site noted in its report. Also Read – WhatsApp working on new rich-preview feature to make link-sharing better on Status updates

This means that while WhatsApp will not show the in-app message informing group members if a participant has left within the group chat window, it will give them means to check the detail in the Group Info section of a group later.

WhatsApp Premium Subscription

Beyond these, WhatsApp is also working on introducing Premium subscription plan for the company’s Business app. As per a separate report by the blog site, the Premium subscription plan will be an optional feature and it will give access to additional features to the subscribing WhatsApp Business accounts. For example, WhatsApp’s Business app users will be able to link and name up to 10 devices with their accounts. In addition to that, WhatsApp will also offer the ability to create a unique custom business links, such as, wa.me/(name of the account) to the Premium subscription plan subscribers. The company is likely to add more details to the mix in future.

It is worth noting that these features are still in the development phase and it will be sometime before they are available to beta users.

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