Chris Pratt will be starring in The Terminal list, an Amazon Prime Video series that revolves around deception, betrayal, and survival.

Chris Pratt stars in The Terminal List, which looks to be a departure for the actor typically known for his comedic timing. Pratt is in the lead role and has to figure out a mystery while also trying to protect his family.

The Terminal List is an upcoming action thriller television series that is exclusive to Amazon Prime Video. Pratt plays James Reece, who is ambushed during a covert Navy SEALs mission. The Terminal List is based on a novel written by Jack Carr, and it looks like the Amazon series will be exposing this to a wider audience. The official trailer has finally been released, and the gritty nature of the show is demonstrated very well in this preview.

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The story picks up when Reece returns home and begins struggling with memories that make him question his own culpability. This questioning is what sparks the main dramatic conflict of the story and is also what initiates a lot of the action. The Terminal List trailer shows this aspect of the series with a lot of gunfire, explosions, and tactical combat. Pratt looks trained for combat based on the trailer, and it looks like one of his most troubling roles to date.

Expect a lot of deception, betrayal, and questioning of the reliability of the protagonist, as the trailer also teases the mental state of the lead hero. Mind-bending films with complicated plots typically do well with both audiences and critics. So, it’s possible this may be one of Pratt’s most favourable performances yet, which would help him be taken more seriously as an actor.

Already set to play Super Mario, Pratt has made sure to keep busy. A lot of times people get comfortable by staying in a specific role archetype, but this time around it looks like the actor chose to go a different route with a departure from his typical roles. Pratt isn’t new to this kind of genre, as the actor has also been in films such as Zero Dark Thirty.

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Hopefully, this project delivers, as Amazon Prime Video is known for its catalogue of darker content. For example, The Boys is widely received in a positive light despite both being known for the gruesome and violent scenes. The writing is incredible, the acting is phenomenal, and the way in which they choose quality over quantity of episodes has kept these shows alive. Hopefully, The Terminal List helps add to what Prime Video has started.

The Terminal List will debut on Amazon Prime Video on July 1st, 2022.

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Source: Amazon Prime/YouTube

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