Nearly 400 million people are under blockade, China continues the path of zero covid

In the past few days, the number of cases in China is increasing at a dizzying rate when there are about 20,000 cases per day, different from the number of tens or hundreds of cases in the past. This is showing that the zero covid strategy is facing a huge challenge when the Omicron variant is spreading very strongly in this country. However, the Chinese government still insists that it will pursue this strategy instead of living with covid like most other countries.

If in most other countries, every time a new variant is detected, the government will make adjustments to prevent the epidemic. As at the beginning of the epidemic, the blockade, border closure, and isolation were widely applied, after about 1 year, especially when the vaccine is successfully developed and put into vaccination campaigns, the restrictions will be eased. gradually. Up to now, many countries have confirmed that the epidemic has been basically controlled and there is no need to isolate even close contacts or those infected can self-monitor and treat at home. Currently, the world has injected nearly 11.5 billion doses of vaccine, of which 65% of the population has been vaccinated with at least 1 vaccine.

China is still standing out of this trend and although there is a slight change, it is still basically the same epidemic prevention measures as the new outbreak. A prime example is the blockade of Shenzhen, and more recently Shanghai, which are extremely important cities for trade and commerce in the country. Although the Shanghai government said that it has completed taking samples for testing for all 25 million people and is also trying to restore the capacity to transport goods (in this case, if you order shopee, you will know that many orders for the whole month). Haven’t seen it yet).

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Up to now, there are about 400 million people, or about one-third of the country’s population, in quarantine depending on the locality. Many people have also begun to express their discontent with the prolonged blockade despite the very high level of vaccine injection in this country. The government of this country

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