Robot system Nachi

In this article, we will learn about the system together robot Nachi What parts are included? The function of each of those parts.

Robot system Nachi

Basic robot system

In there :

  • A: Tool
  • B: Robotic arm
  • C: Connection cable
  • D: Controller
  • E: Dashboard
  • F: Control arm

Remote controll

Circuit breakers and control panels are provided in front of the CFD controller and
The controller is connected here as well.

CFD Controller

Circuit Breaker

  • Used to power ON and OFF controller

Power connector

  • Used to connect the power supply


  • Used to connect network cable


  • This is a connector for USB memory.

Operation panel

  • Buttons for performing minimally necessary operations such as turning ON engine power, starting and stopping automatic operation, emergency stop, and switching between teach and playback modes are provided.

Controller (Teach pendant)

  • The control arm has keys and buttons to operate files and set different conditions.
  • Smart controller. The operations are controlled by this controller.


The control panel is provided with an emergency stop button and selector switch for teach mode / playback mode.


A: Mode selector switch

B: Emergency stop button

Hand control (Hand teach pendant)

There are two types of teach pendant: Smart teach pendant and Compact teach pendant.

Only one of the two teach pendants can be connected, it is not possible to use both of the teach pendants at the same time.

Smart teach pendant (smart TP)

  • All functions of the robot controller can be used

Compact teach pendant (compact TP)

  • “Compact TP” can perform basic operations from teaching to playback (automatic operation).
  • However, there are some functions that are not available on this controller. (e.g. software PLC editing function…). And this controller does not support part of the required operations such as the initial setting operation.
  • For such operations, use a PC instead, the software “FD on DESK Light” (free). If PC (FD on DESK Light) is connected to this robot controller, a screen similar to that of the Smart TP is displayed on the PC and can perform the same operations with the Smart TP using the PC.

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