Blockchain security company PeckShield has alert investors about a potential carpet-pulling event after identifying MetaSwap’s MGAS token plummeted 46.99%. MetaSwap Protocol allows NFT swaps across Ethereum, Binance, and Polygon blockchains.

“PeckShield detected MetaSwap carpet pulling, stolen funds (1,100 BNB) transferred to Tornado Cash. Do not stake this contract and if you have done so, withdraw quickly.”

Following the surprise sale, all official accounts associated with Metaswap Gas – including Twitter, Instagram and Medium – were deleted, further corroborating PeckShield’s claims of carpet pulling.

According to PeckShield, 1,100 BNB tokens worth nearly $602,000 were transferred to an account on Tornado Cash, an Ethereum-based non-custody solution used to sever the on-chain link between people. sender and receiver. This process adds to the difficulty of tracking stolen funds.

Metaswap Gas

MetaSwap Money Transfer Details | The source: PeckShield

PeckShield advises investors to stop staking in Metaswap Gas and withdraw existing contracts to avoid further losses.

In December alone, numerous crypto entities fell victim to a series of exploits, resulting in a total loss of over $600 million. On December 21, Bent Finance took the initiative to ask investors to withdraw money after confirm a pool is mined.

“There was an exploit from the address of the Bent miner. This address added cvxcrv and mim balances to an address on an unverified update 20 days ago. We just discovered this today (December 21). There are many members on this team and we will adjust.”

Similar to other victims of the crypto community such as Grim Finance, BitMart and AscendEX, Bent Finance has promised investors to return all stolen funds. However, the research team has not yet announced specific plans:

“We recommend withdrawing funds from the protocol until further notice. We’re not going anywhere and trying to get our money back.”

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