Maybe there will be a new map with the theme ‘under water’

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The variety of gameplay and “maps” in an FPS genre shooting game is an “optimal” must-have. With the most outstanding game like Valorant, there are only 7 maps in total at the moment. With a game that is extremely popular and welcomed by gamers, “7 maps” seems to be too few, and a developed game genre has a lot to exploit, so of course. Players will require more than that to be able to “break through” their own experience.

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Valorant’s leakers have been constantly “teasing” about the appearance of a new map in Ep 5, making the community stand still. According to what the leaker revealed, the design team of Riot Games is planning to create a map – where players can fight at a “midnight” time frame or shoot each other in the “ocean” . After the “click” moves of this new map information, gamers seem to be 70% sure there will be a “river” theme map appearing in Episode 5.

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The decorations, player cards, or backgrounds in the Battle Pass of Act 3 Ep 4 all have the image of an ‘underwater park’ if you pay close attention. In addition, players also encounter water-related background images via Night Market that are appearing in all players’ shops. And the thing that makes people most certain of the recent Bundle is a bundle with the theme of the deep blue sea.

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Although this information has not really been confirmed and NPH Valorant has not made any move to announce the possibility of an ‘underwater’ map. However, through the “leaked” information along with the extremely rich media effects, players believe that in Ep 5 there will definitely be ‘underwater’ as previously revealed.

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