It’s been ten years since the Max Payne trilogy ended. All three games are available to play on Xbox Series X/S through backwards compatibility, and if you jump into the third entry, you’ll hear a soundtrack composed by famed noise rock band Health. The band is back for the 10th anniversary of Max Payne 3, but we’re the ones getting the gift: new music.

Advertised by rock star, “a new version of the iconic soundtrack” is in the works. It’ll be released on limited-edition vinyl, but you don’t need to own a record player to hear it – it’s also heading to digital platforms like Spotify. There’s no release date for the soundtrack yet, so those interested should “stay tuned to Rockstar Newswire” for now.

The soundtrack itself contains some pretty famous songs. Health’s “characteristic melancholic rock sound” was taken to new places when the band composed for the game. One of Max Payne 3’s tracks, “Tears”, is still regularly played on Health’s live broadcasts . The anniversary soundtrack will also “debut some never-before-seen tracks from the game,” so if you think you’ve heard it all before, you haven’t.

As nice as this soundtrack news is, many fans remain disappointed that there is no remake for Max Payne 3. Remedy, the studio behind Alan Wake and Control, has teamed up with Rockstar to remake Max Payne 1. and 2, but that leaves Game 3 in the cold. Hoping that this can be “remedied” in the future.

In the meantime, we celebrated the Max Payne games with a series of deep dives into each entry’s themes. The original Max Payne goes to the heart of how video games work with innovations like bullet time, and the sequel picks and chooses what to preserve and leave behind. The remakes don’t have a release date yet, but these scans should be a good way to prepare for when they arrive.

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