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It’s hard to look majestic when riding a wooden dragon in a conference space, but that doesn’t stop these folks from trying their best.

Mixing VR gaming with a 20-foot dragon-shaped physical controller, Abhishek Singh How to make your dragon fly sees users sit atop a crafted beast, pulling its reins to direct movement through a virtual landscape of floating islands.

As you can see in the video below, the virtual component appears to be a fun swirl of drops around a polygonal world. The real part, however, is a somewhat anti-climactic vision of strappy-adorned professions rocking back and forth on a pink and red swing.

In a title generously titled VRScout article, Closest to flying a real dragon, Singh explains that it took him three weeks to create the experience, most of which was spent making the virtual component of the dragon-ride. “In its current form, the game is all about exploration,” he explains, “where you sit atop this magnificent beast soaring through a magical, mythical land of floating islands, canyons, volcanoes and strange landscapes. »

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Singh says the experience is a hit with the kids, although he also admits it’s fun to watch an adult ‘reluctantly give up their place in line because a child wants to get in first’ .

Awkwardness aside, the physical dragon is a great example of how important physical set design can be to virtual reality. Installations that immerse a user in a room full of other people, then ask them to feel vulnerable by putting on a headset, often fail to create a sense of immersion. Some of the best VR I’ve tried have relied on set design, from cell-like rooms to tables arranged like a restaurant.

“People always ask why I added wings to the physical dragon, because they really don’t do anything,” Singh explains. “However, for me, the experience begins long before the user even puts on the headset. When they walk into the room and see this dragon throne waiting for them, it’s immediately empowering, magical and exciting, and these are emotions that I want users to take with them into the virtual world as well.

You might not be able to rain fire on your enemies, but it’s probably the closest thing to a mother of dragons until the next set of The iron Throne.

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