Lost Ark: Find & buy simple wood quickly

Lost Ark Find buy simple wood quickly

If you want to improve and upgrade your own ship in Lost Ark, you need one thing above all for the corresponding upgrades: lots of raw materials. These raw materials include, among other things, simple wood. In this guide we will explain where you get it and what you can do with it.

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Lost Ark: Basic Wood – The most important raw material for the first ship upgrades

What is plain wood? Common Wood is one of the most important resources in Lost Ark that you need to upgrade your ship to level 5. For the higher levels you need correspondingly higher quality wood. Depending on the ship level, the following amounts of simple wood are due for an upgrade:

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Upgrade ship level:

  • Level 1 to 2: 30x Basic Wood
  • 2 on 3: 30x Common Wood
  • 3 to 4: 50x Common Wood
  • 4 on 5: 70x Common Wood

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Depending on the upgrade, you also need additional ship materials, which you can produce from the fabricator NPC, among others. These NPCs can be found in all major cities and produce the required materials in exchange for ores and wood, both of which you can farm yourself.


Where do you get Basic Wood from? Unlike the wood you need to build ships and craft ship materials, you cannot farm common wood yourself. Instead, you have to buy it from a merchant.

To do this, look for a merchant ship in the harbor or speak to a traveling merchant in your fortress. The respective NPCs will sell you the simple wood in exchange for pirate coins. A stack of wood costs 250 pirate coins. Alternatively, you can also buy the raw material from the goods traders for 40 victory, raid or adventurer seals each.

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By the way: Both simple wood and other ship materials can be found in ship material, ship improvement supply and ship reinforcement chests.

Farming Pirate Coins: The primary currency for Common Wood

Where can you find pirate coins? If you want to effectively farm pirate coins for Common Wood in Lost Ark, you should regularly complete the events in the sea and search the individual islands for quests. The island quests will reward you with large amounts of Pirate Coins – Freedom Isle and Lullaby Island alone give you more than 30,000 Pirate Coins in total.

You can farm more pirate coins via the events after completing the quests. But you also have the possibility to get the important currency in exchange for other coins like Sun Coins or Ancient Coins. The NPCs on the trading ships will be happy to enter into an appropriate barter deal with you.

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Lost Ark Find buy simple wood quickly

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