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Linode is my favorite VPS service. All of my earning websites are located here.

The website I installed on Linode has the highest stability. Few errors. Less downtime.

Currently, Linode has locations in Singapore and Japan for very fast access to Vietnam.

Linode’s price is too good for the quality. Linode has many different packages. Whatever your project, you will find a suitable package.

Currently, they offer a group of plans:

  • Shared CPU: suitable for websites with medium loads, plans with a balance of performance, resources and price.
  • Dedicated CPU: suitable for those who need to rent a dedicated server, need stable performance.
  • High Memory: as the name suggests, these plans are suitable for those who need a lot of RAM, the packages here all use a dedicated CPU.
  • GPU: special package that uses a graphics card

In order to make it easier for new customers to evaluate hosting services, Linode gives away 100$ credit when your account is activated.

Sign up for an account like in this post. Remember to enter the Referral Code: 01254705926d59c132baadf69d3fd576f55fd4e9.

You need Visa/MasterCard to activate your account. You can later pay with PayPal.

Linode Coupon give away 100$ for free

Credit $100 has a term of 60 days. Applies to new accounts only. Do not register for multiple accounts that are easy to get banned.

Good luck.

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By Nguyen Manh Cuong

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