Although he has undergone many power changes, Yorn is still one of the top marksman generals of the Mobile Union.

Guide to choosing champions

Main generals

Lien Quan Mobile_Mage

Magician: Confronting a Gunner with a long range and high damage like Yorn, Lien Quan Mobile gamers should choose the Magician must also have a long range, good poke, and possess strong stun and shock damage.

Possible options are Veera, Krixi, Liliana, Natalya, The Flash, Dirak, Raz…

Lien Quan Mobile_Sniper

Archer: Similar to the Mage, the Gunner in your squad is also required to have a long range, shock damage along with the ability to control, accompanied by a move to speed up running or surfing like Violet, Thorne, Hayate, Valhein, Capheny…

General Gladiator, Assassin

Lien Quan Mobile_Forest

Go to the Forest: Yorn’s weakness is his lack of mobility. Therefore, the jungle position in your squad needs high mobility champions, good shock damage to quickly defeat opponents or interrupt Yorn’s buff like Quillen, Wukong, Keera, Nakroth, Murad, Paine…

Lien Quan Mobile_Top

Go Top: This position requires these characters Arena of valor has good resilience, high mobility, and possesses a special ability to speed up running or gliding through terrain. Besides, champions with a stun or silence mechanism will also be highly effective.

The most suitable names that can be mentioned will be Veres, Allain, Yena, Omen, Ryoma, Zuka, Airi …

General Assistant

Lien Quan Mobile_Assistant

Yorn can easily kill a Tank with one or two if he has the full set of gear. Therefore, gamers need to choose generals Assistant has the ability to wrap well, owns many control effects such as stun, slow, target lock … to prevent Yorn from drying his passive.

Successfully disabling Yorn will create conditions for teammates to rush up and take advantage of the opportunity to attack. Lumburr, Thane, Arum, Gildur, Grakk, Alice, Mina, Baldum, Toro… would be the perfect choice for the Assistant position.

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Tips against Yorn

Lien Quan Mobile Yorn_1

In the early game, Yorn will not be a threat because damage is still weak due to lack of equipment. Therefore, to prevent disaster, you need to find ways to prevent Yorn from farming, thereby turning him into your team’s dumbbell.

In the event that Yorn cannot be eliminated at the beginning of the game, you should minimize the approach to this champion in the late game, when he has full equipment. Please use Magician and Archer to poke from afar and only rush into melee when he has accumulated enough shock damage.

Countermeasure equipment

Lien Quan Mobile Yorn_2

To counter Yorn’s Palace Slayer, you can build a few items that reduce attack speed or reduce movement speed in Arena of valor like:

– Ax Hyoga

– Chang Bing

– Lost Shield

– Legendary Shield

– Cloak of Frost

In addition, the Armor of Grief is also a good choice to help gamers counter Yorn’s damage and support teammates.

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