Lien Quan Mobile: The generals will become more “buffalo” if combined with the spell Exhaustion

After the spell Forbidden Turrets disappears next season, there will be a new summoner spell called Exhaustion that will be added to that position as well as opening up many new ways to combine with the melee, tanking generals in the Alliance. Mobile.

When bamboo grows old, shoots grow, the era of the Forbidden Pillar is about to disappear, so the most necessary thing now is to learn how to use the Exhaustion spell as effectively as the way that Forbidden Tru did.

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To do this, we must first understand the effectiveness of Burnout, specifically as follows:

  • Reduction 25% damage of nearby enemies, increase 20% injury free for yourself, maintain 4s and cooldown 90s.

Arena of valor

After briefly reading the internals, we must have found for ourselves a few champions suitable for the Exhaustion supplement, which are the generals that have the ability to drag and harass your team with their ability to take damage. mine. And S-Game will list the generals who can be “immortal” if using the Exhaustion spell next season!


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Omen is a popular card in Ta Than street thanks to its ability to “dry blood” with any opponent, but at the AWC 2021 stage, Omen is used in the Support position because of its terrible immunity. horror from the killing move.

At the end of season 20 and about to enter the new season, Omen’s position in all rank matches is still very stable, so what if there is an additional Exhaustion supplement? Of course he will be a real monster, even asserting himself in the position of Support and “buffalo” on par with Toro, Baldum or Mina.

Arena of valor

With 20% immunity from Exhaustion and 50/54/58/62/66/70% damage immunity increasing with level, Omen should be more confident when rushing into the enemy team and “catching” key positions. with Abyss Kill, an Omen-exclusive move that causes the opponent to stand still for 5 seconds.


As a “flowery” guy on Caesar’s path, who has suffered a lot of scandals and heavy nerfs from Garena’s side, now the Exhaustion spell is about to be released as a new weapon for the hands ” play flowers” the real thing. Indeed, there have been countless times that Florentino has been mercilessly nerfed from removing injury immunity, reducing damage or most recently removing the internal energy mechanism, … but after all, Florentino is still Florentino with his annoying skill set. walk horizontally and vertically.

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Arena of valor

Exhaustion will give Florentino a new look next season and only 20% of the damage immunity from the passive passive is this guy can do it. Different from Florentino’s usual summoner spells like Speed ​​​​or Flash, this new summoner will make him “buffalo” in solo phases or even 3 pounds is also very normal.


Toro has always been a stable Support champion through so many seasons, so many updates and changes, partly thanks to his easy-to-use skill set or simply putting himself out as a shield for the team. And when the Summoner Exhaustion spell was born, it gave Toro more time to get close to the opponent as well as being able to become stronger to become a “steel shield” for thin health positions like ADC. or Sorcerer.

Arena of valor

“Reduce the damage of the surrounding enemies by 25%, increase your own immunity by 20%”, that’s enough for Toro to be immortal in the midst of a forest of your team’s moves, and when anyone is still alive, the Victory usually belongs to that person, especially in Lien Quan Mobile.

End of the Exhaustion spell

Leaving behind the regret of Cam Tru, the Exhaustion spell will bring a new breeze in the battlefield of Lien Quan Mobile, where “buffalo” generals are now even more difficult to defeat.

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