Hello, long time no see testing dare take his post on Alexa. com gods have allowed you to “buy” two delicious dofollow backlink to the conditions you have to buy one of its service packs, but for now it allows trial and allows you to “Cancel” any time yet, it is time for Vietnam ? hacker hand!

Let us start making ultra quality backlink dofolow offline!

Step 1: Log on Alexa

This is not a debate, you just create an account and log in offline!

Step 2: Claim Your site

You must be the owner of the website to be able to edit and add content, you need to visit this link: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/jamviet.com

Then scroll down to look at the tabs have the “Edit site info” and click!

Now that Alexa will ask you a verified, it is best to choose the method to upload files to its heavy support page:

Alexa verified owner

Alexa verified owner

After finishing Verified click, you will be prompted to purchase a package, you visit here http://www.alexa.com/plans?tixa=nav-logged-in-plan then Subcribe harrow a package, comfort offline because it does not collect money immediately, Jam play always pack $ 10 dollars and choose to pay via Paypal, noting that it is for a week to try if after 1 week as you stick lost money that ?

After Subcribe done, but tomorrow you go to cancel it away, not the loss of money that ?

…. remember that ….


Step 3: Adjust the information

Have you DASHBOARD tab and click on the menu as shown:

Chỉnh lại thông tin website

Refine information website

Then, you will be allowed to add two links to your website is as follows:

Chỉnh lại thông tin website, tranh thủ nhét 2 link ngon vào

Refine the website information, enlist delicious stuffed 2 link to

Click save, done!

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The next day

The next day on the dashboard and saw letters Cancel Subcribe to eliminate the payment plan that you are “trial” to go, make sure the information is still there! At Jam briefly press qá should not have photos for you to view, in general, you just do so is, then erupted ? trial

I wish you success and earn about 2 backlink craft yourself!

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