KlayCity, the first NFT game on Klaytn, just announced that it has received an investment from Animoca Brands.

KlayCity is a decentralized P2E game, based on a future earth that has been ravaged by years of pollution. Built on the Klaytn blockchain, users can get NFTs representing counties, simulating real-life cities. Users can spend ORB and LAY tokens to engage in a variety of activities including “scavenging”, “exploring” and “leveling” on the same fun, intuitive interface.

Animoca Brands is a leading global investment in gaming and blockchain. The organization has funded more than 100 NFT projects and decentralized projects are helping to build the open metaverse.

The new funding announced today will be used to grow KlayCity into a global project and attract new users into the ecosystem.

Jake Choi, a spokesman for KlayCity, commented: “Animoca Brands is an ideal partner for KlayCity as they have extensive experience in incubation and investment in various NFT and gaming projects.”

Yat Siu, executive chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands, shared: “KlayCity has designed a unique ecosystem that fully combines DeFi and NFT. We can’t wait to help them thrive.”

KlayCity sees this partnership as an important driver of its go-to-market strategy. Animoca Brand’s resources and expertise will help KlayCity expand its community, find new partners, and collaborate for long-term development.

KlayCity is scheduled to launch in Q1 2022 and will feature a unique Play-to-Earn mechanic.

About KlayCity

KlayCity is a P2E virtual reality world where county NFT owners can operate, explore and earn while enjoying a gaming experience. With the idea of ​​​​reviving the earth, gathering resources, restoring the population and expanding the territory. Built on Klaytn, KlayCity focuses on gamifying DeFi and NFT into a single ecosystem.

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