Download JMG Sound Retronaut for free – Plugin aims to give the feel of vintage analog equipment like cassette tapes and vintage choirs

Software Overview JMG Sound Retronaut Audio Plugin for Windows:


JMG Sound Retronaut is a multi-voice vibrato and chorus with LoFi effects. It was inspired by old analog devices such as bucket brigade chips, cassettes, vinyl records, and voltage controlled filters.

There are several sections on the plugin: the Modulation section is at the heart of it, and thanks to its multi-voice nature, that means you can add real depth and richness to your sound by layering up to four voices. Achieve a “warm, smooth, and compressed tape sound,” then shape it with the plugin’s LFO, VCF, and mixing controls to precisely perfect the mix.

The presets on the Retronaut reflect the nostalgic atmosphere JMG Sound aims for: “lushverb”, “PitchChorus”, “LoFi Cassette” and many more are available to use and adjust to your own desires. .


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