Iphone 5 power failure and solutions

In the process of using, many customers complain that iPhone 5 often crashes. What causes iPhone 5 to crash? Can users fix their iPhone 5 crashing by themselves? Let’s find out with Duc Hung Cellular! Iphone 5 power failure and solutions Currently, for iPhones that have been used for a long time, it is often loohibpoop Sehpohn, power off while in use power off. The main symptoms when your iPhone encounters this error are: + The iPhone in use is suddenly powered off. + iPhone crashes continuously many times. + Power off and on many times but not power on

Main cause d,NDunmarketablechildrenughdaybelchploohi iphone 5 bpoop Sehpohn: – The battery is bottle or damaged, not a genuine battery. – Impact from the software: it may be caused by the software is not compatible with the machine or because the software inside the machine conflicts with each other during operation. – Due to the hardware of the machine is damaged during use such as: damaged ic source, fundamental problem …


How to trystasis Nheh?t: Xher Hunmarketablet battery and syesceh?y This method has a very high success rate. Remove the battery or restart the phone, then proceed to discharge the battery by listening to music or watching a video, for example. After the battery is low, proceed to fully charge it to 100%. When you’ve done it but still can’t fix it, there is still an accidental shutdown, please follow the second method below. This way helps you solve the problem of iPhone 5 crashing due to software.

How to trystasis two: Why?Uhuvah phmoundchohid, liehu Please do the following: 1. Open iTunes and use the cable to connect your iPhone 5 to the computer 2. In iTunes, search for “Again up now” to back up phone data 3. When the backup is successful, find it. Next “Restore iPhone” (note that you need to find the previously backed up data).

If you have tried the above 2 methods and still can’t fix the problem iphone 5 bpoop SehpohnAt this point, your iPhone 5 may be shutting down due to hardware, possibly fundamental damage, or damaged IC, or dead battery. You should not arbitrarily proceed to disassemble the device even though you have enough tools and a little knowledge of iPhone disassembly, because it may be during the disassembly process, due to not having many years of experience, you may do it. affects other parts of your beloved phone, making it sicker.

Please bring the device to reputable phone repair centers for experienced technicians to check and fix errors. iphone 5 bpoop Sehpohn this for you. The technicians with many years of experience and experience will conduct tests and offer solutions to thoroughly catch the right disease at the most optimal price.

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