You have to use open source wordpress to search for a theme to install on the blog, so if you have searched on, you must have had the advice to use Genesis Framework and Child Theme so why. again, you should use Genesis Framework in this article I will talk in detail about the pros and cons of the genesis framework .

In order to meet the needs of using the theme genesis framework, I created this section with the purpose of writing articles about sharing and sharing theme genesis framework genesis tips.

What is the Genesis Framework?

Genesis Framework is a Theme framework for WordPress source code developed by StudioPress, it is a platform through which users can customize it into child themes, this type of theme is usually quite a lot of features to help us have It’s easy to customize.

Why should we use the Genesis Framework?

  • Genesis Framework is updated well.
  • The page loading speed of Genesis Framework is very fast.
  • Genesis Framework optimizes SEO.
  • Many dedicated plugins for Genesis.

Constantly updated

The Genesis Framework development team are all the world’s leading developers of wordpress, when installing the Genesis Framework you are forever updated to the latest version without affecting the structure of the theme or the data of the website.

In addition, when encountering an error problem or wanting to add a new gadget to the blog, you can search on google now that many communities and followers of the Genesis Framework are constantly discussing.

High speed

I must say that the first impression when I use the genesis framework is that it is very simple and the page load speed is very fast compared to other themes I feel very satisfied about this, genesis framework does not focus on visual effects. colorful video image that it focuses on optimizing features, so now the genesis framework theme is always the leading theme for loading speed 1 of the seo ranking criteria of google.

Genesis framework is designed with responsive and standard html5 to help optimize seo and it is always the top target of bloggers, especially seo followers, affiliate recommends, you can see most of the top 10 search sites on Google uses this type of theme.

If you are using the genesis framework theme then you will not need to use any more seo support plugins because genesis framework has built-in onpage seo standards as a specialized plugin and for example yoast seo an extremely popular plugin audio and recommended by seoers, but if you don’t like using the default tool then you can also use seo data transporters that allow you to transfer seo data (such as title tags and meta descriptions) that you have entered another wordpress theme / plugin.

The support properties to optimize for search engines are supported for posts, pages, categories, tags … in addition to the genesis framework also supports to help you easily customize microdata for the website, this helps For search engines to better understand and display better about your website. You can learn in-depth about website optimization with on Google.

Disadvantages of genesis framework theme

  • Price is a bit expensive compared to other themes $ 150 to own the genesis framework and child theme
  • For you who don’t know the code, customizing is a bit difficult.
  • When designing, you have to follow the rules of genesis framework.
  • Genesis framework is quite simple.

Plugins that recommend Genesis Framework

Genesis Author Pro

The genesis author pro plugin uses custom post types and widgets to add a library of books to any genesis sub-topic to display book details in an engaging view in single and archive view.

Genesis Simple Menus

Genesis simple menus simply allow you to assign wordpress navigation menus to sub-navigation menus in the genesis framework on each post, page or tag, category store.

Genesis Slider

Genesis slider is a plugin that includes options for automatically proceeding and the size of your presentation. It also allows you to choose to display posts or pages, and even add the specific article id you want to display.

Simple Social Icons

Simple social icons a plugin that allows you to customize the way icons are displayed that link visitors to your various social profiles. With this feature, you can easily choose the profiles to link to, customize the color and size of icons, as well as arrange them on the left or right, all from the widget template.

Genesis Connect for WooCommerce

The Genesis connect for woocommerce plugin allows you to integrate woocommerce with the genesis framework and the genesis child themes easily. After activating genesis connect for woocommerce, the system will automatically replace the interface of woocommerce with the child theme interface to make your website more beautiful.


If you want to own a theme with a nice interface, the genesis framework is not a good choice, genesis framework is only for those who want to maximize its potential.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of the genesis framework. Hopefully this article will help you have a better view of the genesis framework, and find out what it needs to use. Hope this article will help you, please let me know your opinion below the comments box!

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You have to use open source wordpress to search for a theme to install on the blog, so if you have searched on, you must have had the advice to

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