Instructions on how to test / check iPhone 6 Lock portable Japan, USA

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iPhone 6 Lock Portable goods from Japan and the US are currently very expensive products on the market today, but many users still wonder about the check / take a look at the machine To avoid buying poor quality products. Viettablet would like to give some instructions on how to check / take a look at iPhone 6 Lock for customers’ reference.

test test iphone 6 lock US

Many users wonder how to check the quality of iPhone 6 Lock before buying

You can see more information about configuration aspects, price of iPhone 6 Lock, portable Japanese and American here:

Check IMEI information on iPhone 6 Lock

The first thing at take a look at / check iPhone 6 Lock portable Japan, USA is the IMEI and warranty information of the device, IMEI information will be printed on the box, printed on the back of the body and inside the device. Do not be surprised when iPhone 6 Lock does not have IMEI information in the sim tray because until the iPhone 6 model, Apple did not print IMEI information in the sim tray. Alternatively, you can get the IMEI number by opening the phone, opening the calling app > pressing *#06# > Calling or going to Settings > General > About >

check imei iphone 6 lock

Check IMEI number in the device

You must make sure that the 3 IMEI parameters at these 3 places must coincide, then, you go to the check page at – use the IMEI number to check information and warranty to authenticate the device. You also check IMEI at website – with iPhone 6 International version, in the Sim Lock line will show the word Unlocked, and if it is version 6 Lock, the word Lock will be displayed. Any cases check IMEI If you don’t display the authentication information, you need to do it carefully, don’t buy it right away.

check imei iphone 6 lock japan

Need to verify the IMEI number on the device

Check the external appearance of iPhone 6 Lock

The Japanese and American versions of iPhone 6 Lock have been sold for a long time, most of them are old versions like new 95%, 99%, so customers have to carefully check the outside appearance, from the case, the screen, the specifics. Check the joints, the connection between the screen and the machine, the house button, the connection port and the screws to see if it is scratched to make sure the machine has not been dismantled.

test to check iphone 6 lock japan

Carefully check the outer shell of the machine, especially the contours, screws, slots as well as joints

General check of machine operation

This is a very important step check iPhone 6 Lockyou need to carefully check all the important features of the machine:

  • Check listening and calling with paired sim: This is the first step to do because iPhone 6 Lock often fails in this feature, you insert a sim, open contacts and make outgoing calls, receive incoming calls with different carriers, then check the 3G network with Is it stable, use the code *101# and other USSD codes to check the connection of the device with the error. The current feature with a very powerful 4G sim card that can identify the network operator and fix the errors by itself, customers should buy this type of sim card to use, which will fix all errors in contacts, facetime, iMessenger …

check sim card

Check the phone’s calling activity with paired sim

  • Take a look at / Check the operation of the machine: Open multiple applications at the same time, install and run strong sports lines to see if the multitasking ability of the device is still smooth.
  • Fingerprint security check: Contact ID will be easily damaged when dropped, change the primary device, to check, you go to the Contact ID application, check with your own fingerprint and use it to see if it is faulty or not.

test touch id iphone 6 lock

Many iPhone 6 Lock models have Contact ID errors

  • Check the battery: Because it is an old device, you need to check the battery of the device, use a battery test application, open many applications at the same time and see the level of power reduction to check if the battery of the device is still good.
  • Take a look at the touch screen: It’s very simple, you just need to press and hold any icon to move the full screen, if the icon moves smoothly at every point on the screen, it’s ok.
  • Check the screen: This is the most important part, you can use the reset method to reset the device, at the black screen, check carefully to see if there are any strange points. Then look at the screen at different angles to see if there is any error. Another tip is to use a photography application, when taking a photo, cover the digital camera with different background colors to check dead spots, yellow shadows, blue shades …
  • Digital camera test: Quite simply, you open the application to take photos, record movies, use both front and rear digital cameras with all the features of light, dark, flash on, panorama… to check.
  • Checking connection: Open all Bluetooth, wifi, GPS connections… to check the device’s connectivity
  • Check the speakerphone: Open music with increasing sound intensity, open different music to see if the speaker is noisy.

Check hidden iCloud

This is a pretty simple step but it’s easy to skip, you need to take a look at hidden iCloud by resetting your device or check it directly on Apple’s website with IMEI number at iCloud checking sites such as above.

test icloud

Checking hidden iCloud is a must-do

Take a look at / Check machine accessories with machine operation

Some sales contacts iPhone 6 Lock In the form of bare machines, but also with many contacts selling Full Field machines, you need to check the accompanying accessories such as chargers, cellphone earphones to make sure they are not low-quality imitations. After that, you use the accessories on the spot (plug in the charger and the cellphone earphone) to check the operation of the device and the accessories with errors, if there is an error, you must immediately report it to the contact person. .

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