The condition to run Google Shopping ads is to import product data into Google Merchant Center first. If you are using Woocommerce, there are many plugins that support quick export of data, but the best plugin today is Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce.

Hướng dẫn Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce
Instructions for using Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce to export product lists to Excel files to run Google Shopping ads.

Step 1: Install and activate the plugin

First of all, you need to install the plugin on your website.

Cài đặt plugin Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce
Cài đặt plugin Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce

Step 2: Create Feed

Go to Product Feed PRO → Create Feed and then choose as instructed here:

Create Product Feed of product data

Project name: Enter any name. As an example here, I export data to advertise for the website so I set it as DoGoThanhTung for easy remembering.

Country: Vietnam (Select the country you want to advertise).

Channel: Google Shopping. The plugin also supports exporting data for other ad networks like Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat but you probably won’t use it.

Include product variations: Default is Off. Pop it up if your product has multiple variations.

Add only include default product variation: Default is Off.

Add only include lowest priced product variations: Default is Off. For products with multiple variants (different selling prices) you should Enable to export only the data of the variant with the lowest price. This is beneficial for Google Shopping ads because of the low price, who doesn’t like it, right?

File format: Select CSV to also import into Excel or Google Sheets to edit for convenience.

Delimiter: tab

Refresh interval: No refresh

Done with this step, press Save & Continue to continue.

Step 3: Field mapping

All default data you leave as is. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Add field mapping button to add new data according to the instructions below:

Add field mapping
Add field mapping

Remember to do exactly as the picture, then output the data correctly.

Step 4: Category mapping

This step is to match your Woocommerce product catalog with Google Shopping product catalog.

Category mapping

Google has a standardized library of product categories (google_product_category). For each product, we must declare the code of the appropriate category. If the declaration is wrong, the product will not be approved and cannot run ads.

At this step if you enter the code google_product_category then the data will automatically be added for all products in the respective category on your website. However, I usually skip this step because manually entering in the Excel file will be more accurate. The reason is that our catalogs are often not as detailed as Google’s, so there will be products in the same category on the web but the code is different. google_product_category different again.

You scroll to the bottom of the page, press the Save mappings button to continue.

Click Continue to continue!

Bước 5: Conversion & Google Analytics settings

This is the section that configures conversions for tracking in Google Analytics. Those of you who can read the Google Analytics report can certainly configure this part yourself, so I won’t say any more to focus on the main content.

Install Google Analytics tracking code
Install Google Analytics tracking code

If you don’t need tracking, turn off Enable Google Analytics tracking.

When done, press the Generate Product Feed button to continue.

Download Product Feed List
You click on the Download icon (arrow) to download the product list

After downloading, you will get an Excel file like this:

Product Data Woocommerce
Woocommerce product data

Based on this file, next you just need to add some data to get the complete data file required by Google Merchant Center.

Step 6: Normalize Google Shopping data file

The standard data file to import into Google Merchant Center has the following columns:

Google Merchant Center Feed
Google Merchant Center Feed

Compared with the data file you just exported with the Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce plugin, we still have empty data fields: google_product_category, brand, gtin and mpn.

First, you can see the Google Shopping product data specifications here:

You will see which fields are required and which fields can be left blank.


Global Trade Product Number GTIN
GTIN stands for Global Trade Item Number. This is the number printed under the barcode on the product packaging or book cover.

For Thanh Tung Furniture, all products are self-manufactured, there is no barcode, so the GTIN column can be left blank. And with all products that are not branded products, without clear origin, the GTIN can be left blank!


Same as GTIN, leave it blank!

BRAND (trademark)

Because the product is not a branded product, you can leave this column blank or enter the name of your shop. For example, here I import Thanh Tung Furniture.

Google Product Category

First you download Google’s normalized catalog here:

You should download the Excel file (.xls) for easy lookup:

Get the Google Shopping product catalog
Get the Google Shopping product catalog

Then compare your products with Google’s standardized catalog to declare the correct catalog number, then the new product will be approved and distributed to the right target customers.

Your product is not in the Google catalog?

If so then you can choose a category that is most relevant.

For example, among the fine art wood products that Thanh Tung Furniture is trying to advertise, wood collapse not in the Google product catalog. However, we can put it in the group of Living room furniture sets (Code: 6348). Although many people also buy collapsible to put in the church room.

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